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Grande Prairie is a town owned by 32Oreo in Alberta. It was founded in April of 2021.


Grande Prairie was founded on the former site of the Swanavon planned city, which was intended to serve as the capital of the Cascadian Athabasca District. Swanavon had established much of the current infrastructure in and around Grande Prairie, but has mostly been lost to time. The remains of Swanavon's PVP arena exist buried under a hill to the south of town. Swanavon's original nether portal has been preserved and is still used. Following the fall of Swanavon after the relocation of 32Oreo to Haida, most of the structures that had been built endured, even while they were exposed to wilderness. The Swanavon site had been resettled before the return of 32Oreo by an unknown group of Eastern European players who developed much of the open space in townsite. Most of their constructions were simple wooden houses, and the largely intact remains of this second settlement have been incorporated into the current form of Grande Prairie as the "Swanavon" neighbourhood.

The current iteration of Grande Prairie was established officially on 15 April 2021, when 32Oreo returned to the area to redevelop the townsite under the Cascadian banner. A border dispute began which ultimately culminated only 10 days later during the Grande Prairie Incident, in which the military of British Columbia launched a lava-casting offensive against Cascadian Grande Prairie. The dispute was then resolved and peace achieved by the warning of lava-casters and the annexation of Grande Prairie by Alberta.

Modern Grande Prairie

Following annexation, Grande Prairie pursued a policy of focusing on local development which has led to prosperity for the town and its resident. Most of the derilect structures from previous eras of settlement in the area were removed, improved or restored and land opened up for various forms of development. Highways connecting Grande Prairie to the rest of Alberta and the outside world have been dramatically improved through 32Oreo's efforts. Additionally, more land has been opened up and developed into productive cropland available to the public.