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Kenobi Holdings plc is an international EMC Financial Institution including services such as Retail Banking (Kenobi Bank) and currently is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and it was going to be listed on stock exchange NASDAQ however the stock exchange ended up being dormant around the time (then dissolved).


Kenobi Holdings plc was founded on the 19th of July 2020 with the discord server being at and was founded by indian7p.This financial institution was founded and headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

On the 3rd of January 2021, Retail Banking was offered under the brand name "Kenobi Bank" and offered current and savings bank accounts for both personal and business customers.

Retail Banking

The first ever service provided by Kenobi Holdings plc was Kenobi Bank, which offered personal and saving bank accounts for both personal and business consumers, alongside a loaning service (both providing loans and overdrafts).

Kenobi Bank is one of the main banks in EarthMC and is the main bank currently in the QuickPay interbank transfer scheme.

The bank has the following sort code allocations (sort codes are numbers in QuickPay linking to each bank and their branches)

Sort Code Allocations
Sort Code Range Description
01-00-00 to 01-49-99 Kenobi Holdings plc Corporate
01-50-00 to 01-99-99 Retail Loans and Overdrafts
02-00-00 to 02-99-99 Retail Banking*
03-00-00 to 03-99-99 Nation and Alliance Services**
04-00-00 to 04-99-99 Private Banking (allocation to Bank of America)

­*­ This includes premier banking, however excludes private banking

­**­ Kenobi provides a service for nations and alliances giving sort code allocations, for their own nationwide systems