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The Minnesota Realm (also known as Minnesotan Union) (commonly known as Minnesota) is a democratic nation located in the CR next to Lake Superior. On November 2th Minnesota became a US state. It was formerly part of the nation of Lacusmagnia.

Towns in Minnesota

In Minnesota:

In Jan Mayen:

  • Atlantic City.


Early History

Before Minnesota was a nation, Naruang, the former leader started a new town under Lacusmagnia called Dyraville. Dyraville was founded on July 20th, 2019 and had 12 residents at the time, the people who lived there started building the city centre and built a wall around it. Outside those walls, it was declared that it would be split in 4 sections until the 5th January 2019 when the wall came down and was turned to plots and a ice road around the town. ​​​​​​As the town grew to 25 residents, they started building the Mall of America (idea from N_S_X) in the East Section of the town.

The Independent Nation of Minnesota

The soon to be Independent Nation of Minnesota started saving up gold to leave Lacusmagnia and create its own nation, one thing they did was selling plots in the mall. For 3 to 4 months, Minnesota had been saving enough gold to declared their independence from Lacusmagnia. The independent nation was named Hellpark for about a week as nobody would agree on a nation name

The New Democracy

After New Town's Fargo, Bryliam, Little Bavaria & Des Moines were formed & Boomtown rejoined Minnesota, they decided they would revive the government. So on the 3rd of September at 7:30pm CDT, SceptilePlayz88 was elected president of Minnesota under the Liberty Party. They will now hold presidential & congressional elections every month on the 3rd.


The Minnesotan Political System is a Democratic republic which is a 'form of government operating on principles adopted from a republic and a democracy. A Democratic Republic may function on principles shared by both republics and democracies.'<ref> </ref>

Notable People

These people in the list who lives in Minnesota are important people who help the nation to grow:

  • Hambell (Current President of Minnesota)
  • Umbreonplayz18 (Former Leader of Minnesota)
  • Naruang (First Leader of Minnesota)
  • Beaverman1 (Former Leader of Minnesota)
  • N_S_X (Former Leader of Minnesota)
  • rbkmustangsally (Former Leader of Minnesota)
  • CornPlayz (Vice President of Minnesota)
  • scriptomania (Chancellor of Minnesota)
  • BrainVonCraft (Mayor of Bryliam)
  • SirBoomsalot24 (Mayor of Boomtown)


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