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Newfoundland was founded by an unknown player on June 11th, 2019.

Newfoundland is a nation on the western portion on the island of Newfoundland, North America previously with an exclave on the southern portion of Labrador, that as of recording has 4 citizens and 2 towns. Newfoundland's capital was Midnight_City, and the largest town in the nation was Midnight_City. However, the nation has fallen on November 11th, 2019.


The territories under Avalon were originally under rule by the New Scotland colony of Nova Scotia before the leader of Nova Scotia, Aceshooter11 put the nation on auction, hearing about this news and worried about losing one of their allies Quebec funded the nation of Newfoundland, with it's capital in the modern day city of Town, Newfoundland. Quebec wanted all the Nova Scotian territory to join Newfoundland before Nova Scotia could be bought out. Although some of the territory was doubtful of Quebec and instead banded together and founded Avalon. Many of the Newfoundland Territory is part of Newfoundland today because of the language barriers between some of its residences and Avalon, who only speaks english. Although in recent times due to the fall of Quebec they have lost support and funding from their greatest allies, and the nation day is plagued with inactive leaders and fallen towns. Eventually, the nation fell on November 11th, 2019, due to it's two final towns, BP_Oil and Midnight_City, finally going inactive and disbanding. This now means that the entire island of Newfoundland, except for an unaffiliated town, is owned by Avalon.