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British Norway flag.png
Coat of Arms
1200px-Greater royal coat of arms of Norway.svg.png
Norwegian Territory.png

National Information
Full Name
National Anthem Ja, vi elsker dette landet
Name in Towny Norway
/n list page
Capital City Oslo
Largest City
Oldest City Lundegrend
Established September 1st, 2019
Government Information
Leader _Alexandre
Chancellors __Tomm
Prime Minister
Political System
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders TwigKing
Past Capitals Lundegrend, Bergen

Norway was a nation in Scandinavia, existing from Summer of 2019, to November of 2019.

The First Norway

The Kingdom of Norway was a kingdom which expanded rapidly throughout Northern Europe, predominantly the west coast of the Scandinavian peninsula around the start of Terra Nova. Its architecture was mostly based off of the Nordic design, with long houses and castles. Norway had significant influence and power in Northern Europe until it was overtaken in January/February of 2019 by the nation of Norge (which was later renamed Norway) which expanded rapidly from the city of Oslo into the majority of the Kingdom of Norway's territory.


King - TwigKing

Duke - Gaming Chief/Stilpo

Jarls - Alex, Camo, Astrid, Odimear


  • Lundegrend
  • Lavik
  • Valkenheim
  • A-Land
  • Hardhome
  • Falderos
  • Nolbyn

Foreign Relations

Iceland - One of the nation's most trustworthy and loyal allies. They aided Norway in the majority of its conflicts and provided them with military/economic support when needed and vice versa.

Nazi Germany - Norway had become good friends with Nazi Germany. Norway did not interfere with Nazi Germany's diplomacy/wars and the two often traded with each other.

The Kingdom of Greater-Armenia - Norway and Greater-Armenia fought together in some conflicts against a common enemy, but were never formally allied, however Norway continued to help Greater-Armenia militarily.


The Anglo-Danish War - Norway was at war with Britain, France, Denmark, and Norge (now called Norway) due to territorial disputes. This resulted in the collapse of the Kingdom of Norway as Norge took its place as the predominant nation in the west and north of the Scandinavian peninsula.

The Second Norway

The Norway Realm is a nation that exists on the west and north coasts of the Scandinavian peninsula. It originally only inhabited the city of Oslo, but in January/February of 2019 it rapidly expanded and took the place of the old Norway.


Early History and Development

"Norge" was the original name of The Norway Realm. This is because at the time of its creation, there was another nation named Norway which occupied the majority of the west and north of the Scandinavian peninsula, while Norge only consisted of the city of Oslo.

This changed drastically when, in January/February of 2019, with the support of Denmark, Norge expanded outwards, particularly around Oslo (notably Ljungskile) and in the north of the claimed territory (notably Tromso and Boxholm). This resulted in Norge overtaking the old Norway as the most powerful nation in western and northern Scandinavia. Eventually, the old Norway collapsed and Norge was renamed as Norway.


On the 29th of March 2019, Norway's leader, Magenent, announced on the nation's discord that he would be selling Norway to Denmark leaving the following remarks:

"I am going to be leaving Norway, I will be selling the town of Oslo to the Danes. I am going to be a founder of the Super-Nation of Niger, I am leaving due to the fact that most of the nation is inactive. I would love if you guys could come with me and make a town in Niger, that would (in my opinion) be the best option as even though our community isn't active it is still very nice. If you however do not want to leave I would highly recommend to join Denmark as they are very nice people that will be able to protect you and they have been our closest allies in the past (along with Britain)."

New Norway

The nation was given to _Alexandre, who renamed it to Norway when the original one fell. This Norway was a PvP powerhouse, as were all of the previous ones. This Norway also bombed Terra Mariana's St. thomans Cathedral, affectivly starting The Second Great Server War


As of 29/3/2019, the towns in Norway are:

  • Oslo
  • Tallinn
  • Ljungskile
  • Boxholm
  • Tromso
  • New USA
  • Arendal
  • peppapig
  • Bodo
  • Turlock
  • Taufr
  • Jotunheim
  • Bergen
  • Kalos
  • kattegat



Black Line = Train Line

White Circle = Major Stops/Stations

Red Circle = Stops/Stations that have lines going separate directions

Yellow Circle = Dead-End Stations


Norges Riksmonument

2019-03-28 20.32.21.png

The Norges Riksmonument is a large monument in Oslo. It is based on the real life monument of the same name in Haugesund, Norway. It is a large pillar featuring a beacon and gold ore featuring a beacon and gold ore on the top of a hill surrounded by paths and smaller pillars.

The Ending of Norway

In November 2019 the Norwegian King Alexandre requested that his nation be merged into Britain's. This paved the way for British expansion into Norway. Towns such as Oslo and Kristiansand (Formerly Lundegrend) became the first major British towns in Norway. A deal with the Kalmar Union was also reached to further legitimize Britain's claims in Norway. After this _Alexandre quit EMC and on the 19th of May 2020 was banned for allegedly doxxing a former EMC player called "Angloism", after his ban __Tomm took on his role of dealing with Norwegian affairs and contributed to a treaty between Norway and the Kalmar Union to legitimize Norwegian Claims.