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Italia is a nation located in modern-day Italy. The nation is part of the GRE, and occupies the Italian peninsula, alongside portions of Sardinia and Corsica.

1. Involvement in the PDvsPIGW

File:Flag of the Vatican City.svg
The flag of the Penis Inspectors, the very same flag as the one from Vatican City, their place of origin.

The Poop Dealers vs The Penis Inspectors Gang War [(PDvsPIGW for short) acronym pronounced as "pee-dee-vee-ess-PIG-wee"] is a currently-ongoing Gang War between the 2 most powerful and notable Drug Cartels in the server, The Poop Dealers and the Penis Inspectors. The Penis Inspectors were founded in The Vatican City with some moral rules which were removed almost immediately. Shortly after being formed, the Italian-Italian Civil War began between Italia and Italy, and the peninsula began to become divided between the two. The Italians accused the Penis Inspectors of secretly supporting the Italians and were quickly kicked out thanks to the civil war happening at the time on Italy. However, in truth, The Penis Inspectors just wanted to vibe, and had to look for another place to vibe. It is after this point where we all know the story, The Poop Dealers and The Penis inspectors cross paths in Chicago and divvy up the city, fighting for clients and sales. The event was covered extensively in the EarthMC documentary How our Minecraft Server's Gang War started a World War. It is speculated that the entire Gang War, and the subsequent World War could have been entirely avoided if the Italians had let the Penis Inspectors stay, and therefore had never crossed paths with the illustrious Poop Dealers.

2. Government

2.1 King/Imperatore

Italian King: 32OGre

2.2 Senate/Senatore (Mayors of Italia)

  • Rome: 32OGre (KING)
  • Carbonia: Federico20027
  • Genova: judebricks
  • Sicily: BrickMayorGuy
  • Hydruntum: BrentBourgignon (Previous Ruler)
  • Castel_Ravello: themirro1
  • Turin: mlo22370
  • Bari: Awesam5555
  • Pisa: Matriarchy
  • Rimini: GugolMC
  • La_Valletta: YamiRei
  • Florence: Guzzo_1
  • Elba: Fartiduck85
  • Vatican_City: Angelo_Cardinali (Pope Benedict XVII)
  • Amalfi: LegendPheonix26 (Historicus Of GRE)
  • Roma: Lvcivs
  • Milan: atop65
  • Monza: Kaeegz
  • Parma: cjrkoa
  • Ajaccio: Sulakeken
  • Salerno: Salvo_34

Army (GRE Army)

As a Province of the Greater Roman Empire, Italia is under the protection of the GRE army, which consists of 24 soldiers.