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Yemen is a nation in the Middle East run by Emperor AeroFury, but created by Raining_Oranges, and UghBigred as Yemen is a colony of New Jersey.

It's towns are situated along the southern edge of the Arabian Peninsula, primarily along the Gulf of Aden.

The Empire

The Yemen Empire is an Empire spread across a few, tiny nations of the world. Current provinces include Qatar, Maldives and Mali.

The Empire acts moreso like an alliance then an Empire, with most subjects having full autonomy but still maintaining a position in the Empire. Yemen also took over Nubia after Twomoo1119 abdicated on March the fifth of 2020. Along with this, they took over their colonies including the Nubian Antarctic and Gold Coast, etc, until Nubia declared independence, with former Yemeni provinces Zambie (following in gorkymoo1119's steps) and Molodezhnaya with them.

Yemen is the head of the Empire, and the Yemen Empire was formerly, towards the end of February of 2020, one of the largest Empires on the server, competing with the GRE for first place. However, it has since declined as nations rebel and it fails to develop it's current provinces, making them extremely small and less powerful. They are now of very small influence in the area, however have little competition in their claims, other then from Nubia with the Nubian Arabian claims.


Hostilities with Nubia

Visit main article: Yemen-Nubia Conflict

Nubia and Yemen had a small dispute that escalated quickly between May 23rd - June 20th 2020, which had many battles and verbal attacks on one another.