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Nubia Times was a short-lived newspaper company focused around Nubia created by StarKiller1744 that quickly gained business within the nation. It only had one issue due to the lack of news available at the time, with the company shutting down after.


Once StarKiller1744 joined Nubia, he was looking for something to keep him involved. He had the idea of a newspaper, quickly finding ways to have it work due to the willingness of the Nubian community to help him create one.

However, due to how new he was to the community he hadn't looked much into working newspapers, having subscribers pay for special news as well as advertisers. He would pay the writers based off of how much they reported, however due to the small level of subscriptions this couldn't work. He would soon shut the company down, blaming the little amount of news there was to be reported.


All dates are in 2020.

Name Tenure
gorkymoo1119 16th June - 23rd June
StarKiller1744 16th June - 23rd June
kobiKraft Unknown
Yoshigamer1298 Unknown