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POGKPP is a formal king of The Second Polish Kingdom. He's also mayor of Gdańsk.



He joined on 27th of November 2018 to Szczecin and lived there as a oldfag citizen until April 2019. After Mlecz's emigration to Borneo, to save Poland from Byzantine conquest, he had to purchase Gdańsk much quicker. He did it on 8th of April 2019 after he bought Gdańsk from caro_b, Danish high-ranked, starting political career. Because of very good opinion in all of Poland, he was the only person that could unite 6 clans that fought each other.

Reborn of The Second Polish Kingdom

After enormous negotiations and countless compromises they ended. POGKPP decided to give his throne to another person just to sacrifice it for united Poland. Pomerania, and later Poland became as strong as before again. He gave the throne to MlecznySernik on 13th of April 2019 still as Pomeranian duke. When he did it, Pomerania officially declared war on all of occupiers, so Denmark, German Empire and Miniskan Rus', or intermarium that collapsed after one day due to excelent Polish negotiations that convinted their chancellors to join Poland. And changed name to Poland thanks to moderators.

Reign of POGKPP

He officially became the King Poland on 27th of May 2019 after xHyper20's retirement. He shared his power with RealNek (he only rules in Towny, so no formal king title for him) on 30th of July 2020.