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RealNek is a Towny king of The Second Polish Kingdom. He's also mayor of Lechograd. He doesn't hold Król title holder, so he is just a ruler of Poland, since 30th of July 2020. He also has a lot of usernames, for example _zNek, NekoWaliWiadro or Night_City.



He joined at EarthMC on 2nd of March 2020.

Ruling a nation

In May 2020 he started to become more active on EarthMC, as he even got his new town from Obama_Gamer, then Obamapolis (now Lechograd). In June 2020 there was another candidate for a Marszałek which is ruling Towny nation, but is not a king. He was 3meraldK, but he was very angried about POGKPP's way of ruling, because in his opinion he should abdicate as fast as possible.

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Due to bullying, harassing and threating POGKPP, 3meraldK was eventually demoted to low-level Noble in their parliament. It caused him to rebel few months ago with his friends.

In this situation, POGKPP was really trying to get break from EarthMC, also he was bored of it. He gave up Towny leadership to trusted RealNek (then NekoWaliWiadro).