Purchase of Addis Ababa

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Flag of Addis Ababa

The purchase of Addis Ababa by Nubia took place on the 22nd May 2021 after negotiations between the two to reach the price. The final price agreed was 500g, with the town being passed to Nubia on the same day, cheetossssss being made the mayor.


Nubia and Ethiopia had been in conflict for almost a year, with Ethiopia claiming the Nubian Ethiopia region. JackJackson, Emperor of Ethiopia, had been only semi-active, and thus offered Nubia to come to a deal about purchasing Addis Ababa.


After the offer came through, twomoo1119 would negotiate on behalf of Nubia. The price would be negotiated down to a price both sides were fine with, 500 gold, with both leaders agreeing. The negotiations would end after an offer by twomoo1119 on the 21st May 2021, that JackJackson would accept a day later.


After negotiations ended, twomoo1119 and JackJackson would get on and transfer ownership of the town using a middleman. cheetossssss would become the new mayor of Addis Ababa, with the nation being moved south.