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Californian Creation Era

San Francisco was created on May 01, 2022 as the second town created west of the Mississippi River, the first being Los Angeles. It was founded by Unbated, the first player to reach North America proper via Long Island and New York.

During the creation era, the town consisted only of a collection of Victorian/Old West houses, a lighthouse, and a farm on a cliff in the Marin Headlands. Notably, there were no plans to build a Golden Gate Bridge and there will remain none indefinitely, as the golden gate itself is only a few blocks wide, and is currently taken up by the Argent Bridge.

Aurora Begins

As the creation era ended, the first skyscrapers began to appear on the San Francisco skyline, the very first being an over 100 block tall deepslate tower crowned with an Accordo Emblem.

Soon after, the city began to rapidly begin growth upwards and the iconic Transamerica Pyramid was finished, along as a Temple overlooking the main street decorated all over with Accordo Flags, an extremely common decorative feature throughout the entire city, paying tribute to the founder's time in the Accordo Party and his active membership the refounded continuation, Aurora ex Accordo.

Californian Secession & Norcallia

On July 07, 2022, Unbated would recognize the death of California and secede with the intent to create a new Californian nation, Norcallia. There is no conflict between San Francisco and any other actively Californian towns, though the loss of the second oldest town in the nation was saddening to some.