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Old spawn point

The server queue is a standby server to access the main server.

Person entering the queue server with priority access.

The average number of people in a queue is normally between 30 and 120 people. During off-peak hours, there are only around 20 to 50 people in the queue. The waiting time for the queue during off-peak hours is 20 minutes to 1 hour. Off-peak is usually around 5am to 10am GMT. To avoid waiting you can use a premium or buy priority queue.

New server map

Old spawn

Parkour Steps.png

The queue is a flying island, in front there are stone brick stairs leading to the main parkour routes.

The Mobs.png

To your left are spawners. Doing /kit pve gives you some stuff to fight them. You can get good stuff by killing the mobs. The mobs are Zombies, Skeletons, Wither Skeletons, and Witches.

The Castle.png

Behind you is a mini parkour and castle.

The island is quite small. It takes less than a minute to go around it. Various traps, secret rooms, details, and parkour shortcuts exist around the island. Try to find them all!


Multiple parkour paths exist, some with fancy names, some easy, some hard, some incomplete.

Old Parkour

2020-04-01 17.06.56.png

This is a fairly long path. After going past the two lava flows follow the signs to Old Parkour. It exists along the same path as Atlas's Parkour for a bit before breaking off and going its own direction underneath the island, then above the island, then below. Pretty easy parkour with fun activities along the way. It is mostly built with white-stained glass and starts off with some slimeblock jumps.

Atlas's Parkour


This parkour heads straight ahead where the Old Parkour jumps down. It leads to the giant statue of someone imitating the Greek divinity Atlas. More difficult but much more beautiful. Parkour made by 1212ra.

Harder Parkour

2020-04-01 17.06.22.png

This parkour splits off from the Atlas's and Old Parkour routes and involves multiple ladder jumps, contraptions, fence-jumps, and is overall a lot harder. After you reach 1212ra's island you can either jump back to the main island or continue on your way to the Temple of Plutus.

Temple of Plutus.png

Once there you can either continue on the Prismarine Path, detour to the Road to El Dorado, or Death. Parkour made by 1212ra.

Prismarine Path

This is built mostly of prismarine and loops around under the island. Beware: some jumps are very difficult. Eventually ends with a connection to either the Winner's Box, or to the Fun Route

Road to El Dorado


Fun Route

It starts off from the Prismarine Path just before the Prismarine Path ends. This is a very hard parkour involving fence-jumps, iron bar-jumps, and end rod-jumps. Has no purpose but the serious parkourists might enjoy it.

Route to Hell

Long series of near-repetitive difficult jumps. The lowest parkour route and one with a less-than satisfying ending.

New queue system

One week after the 1.17 update, Fix said that the server would go down for maintenance and a new queue system would be tested. Template:Quote (Matthi3000 ) Every time one default person logs in the game, one premium and one priority joins in. Fix didn't state where OG donators layed on the heirarchy.