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TerraAustralis is a nation on EarthMC Terra Nova. This is different to the player "aTerraAustralis".

TerraAustralis, officially The TerraAustralis Realm, is a constituent nation of United Australia. The capital city is PortMacquarie located on the east coast.


TerraAustralis was founded on January 15, 2019, in East Australia, with PortMacquarie as its capital city.

The Brisbane Incident

Tension arose with Brisbane in mid-January 2019, when the King, zasdd built two giant penises, one large labelled PortMacquarie, and one small labelled Brisbane, in the middle of Brisbane.

The leaders of TerraAustralis threatened Brisbane then acted like nothing happened and tried to come to terms with OfficialONION, even taking his power away from him and wanting to make him senator. In his distaste, he declined, and the relations with Brisbane went declining.

Likewise, relations with the nation Outback also deteriorated, because members from a town that TerraAustralis owned tried to kill the leader B_Brothers. In retaliation, the leader of Outback stated he wants to "Hurt TerraAustralis economically". In response, he was killed by our soldiers, and his two god picks re-purposed to aid the further development of TerraAustralis.

Rise of the Realm

TerraAustralis reached 3rd on /n list, around the start of February, with 123 members. A defensive pact was signed with Byzantium, 1st on /n list, and Micronesia declared war on TerraAustralia.

The main source of income for TerraAustralis consists primarily of prostitution, slavery and voluntary donations.

Dormant Period

By March 2019, TerraAustralis entered its Dormant Period, with PortMacquarie and Cobar depleting in population throughout March and April. The loss of population in TerraAustralis lead to the rise of Canberra, New Australia.

United Australia

Visit main article: United Australia

TerraAustralia joined into the United Australia negotiations in mid-May 2019. Its relations with the other constituent nations of United Australia, including Australia (formerly the town of Brisbane) and New Australia, improved. The negotiations is still under progress, but the official formation of United Australia will be coming soon.


Location on the Australian continent. TerraAustralis is in cyan on this map.

Map of Australia by KOALA NET21, August 5, 2019

List of towns

The three biggest (indicated on the map).

Notable people

to be filled in .