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The Golden Apple Incorporated started simply as The Golden Apple Casino in Lixus at the end of February 2020. Its primary service is gambling and competition, but it also offers redstone engineering, map art.



The business started as a casino on February 29, 2020 and accrued enormous success in the gambling and competition industries. The casino opened with minimal games such as Lucky Lotus (Flower Game), Blackjack, Roulette, Vending, Slots, and Rock Paper Scissors. However, the casino has grown to encompass over a dozen unique games including Texas Hold'em, Three-Card Poker, Casino War!, Rocket Roulette, and more.

From early to mid-May, the casino staff had been working on the south wing expansion to the casino. This area previously held the location for sign shops, but with the plugin's failure and the need to add more games to compete with other casinos, TGA Inc. opted to replace it.

The casino's success has netted profits in the thousands. However, there are many winners in the casino. In one instance during a poker match, a mod noticed an excessive amount of gold won (most likely over 500g multiple times), and they came in to investigate.


Many competitions have taken place under the roof of The Golden Apple. The first one was the Lixus Invitational Prix which pitted 7 racers against each other in a battle for several hundred gold. B_Brothers ended up accumulating the most points, and won over 200g. Ghost_Rock_ took second while Alex70982 claimed third.

The second competition was the Lixus Time Trial. While not yielding as much success as the prix, the time trial was a fun event with a smaller prize pool. Once again, B_Brothers won it with a time as low as 1 minute and seven seconds.

One random day, Neowyld decided to host a bunch of random competitions where gold was given away for each event. It started with the closing of a game called Arching Arrow." First person to hit the target won 100g. Eean360 ended up taking that prize. Following this were several ice races. Then, Neowyld opened up the parkour map which was notorious for being nearly impossible to beat. With the help of checkpoints, Ghost_Rock_ won 100g after being the first person to complete the course. After that, the night got hectic with people jumping off the roof of the casino with gold in their inventories. After all the antics ended, it was back to gambling, but the night was cut short by what was most likely an alt account who trolled the games and disrupted play.

In early May, the WBRF was founded by GroundXero. The Golden Apple Raceway is to be one of the featured race tracks.

Aside from these competitions, TGA Casino is often doing boat races free of charge to keep competition flowing.

BAWB the Builder Corp.

On 8 May 2020, TGA Inc became the parent company of BBC after negotiations which benefited both parties. BBC is a construction company with incredible building skill. This was short lived as the owner went inactive.

Sri Lanka Purchase

In the late summer of 2020, TGA Inc. made the bold decision to purchase the nation of Sri Lanka from notable players Toopg and UghBraces. The total fee was 7,000 gold. In order to do this, Neowyld instructed Reoost to sell Mauritania (the company's former storage and industrial nation) and take control of Lixus (now known as Casablanca). Neowyld then left to take over Sri Lanka with EchoOcelot where they reside today. In order to financially support this decision, multiple donations were sent in the direction of the company. Neowyld put forward 5,500 gold of his own money, while EchoOcelot put forward 1,000, and Valkyrie_Snow donated 500.



The Golden Apple Casino

-18 Games

-The Golden Apple Raceway


-Event hosting (Weddings, galleries, auction houses)

The Golden Apple Resort (Under Construction)

Map Art

-TGA Map Art

-Boxed Soda's Map Art (defunct but still selling old pieces)


-Lixus Arena (PvP)

-The Dome (PvP)

-The Golden Apple (Sumo)

-Sri Lanka Spleef (Spleef)

TGA Inc. Politics and Land

TGA Inc. contains three nations beneath its branding. They are all independently governed but within common interest and unity through the company.


Leader: Reoost

Capital: Lixus

Casablanca is a nation dedicated to entertainment, competition, and gambling.

Western Sahara

Leader: Valkyrie_Snow

Capital: Acalypha

Acalypha is a gorgeous city, and the nation is designed for residency and aesthetics.

Sri Lanka

Leader: Neowyld

Capital: Kandy

Sri Lanka is soon to be a massive entertainment complex with multiple arenas, a resort and casino, roller coasters, and an ice race.


TGA Inc. has no intention on making enemies or getting involved in political conflicts. The corporation only wants to do what's best for itself. It is a strong advocate for peace and economic prosperity.


World Boat Racing Federation

In May 2020, the WBRF added The Golden Apple Raceway to their list of tracks. TGA has also donated multiple sums of gold to the organization for public ice race hosting.

Founding Members

Chairman and CEO: Neowyld

Second in Command and Engineer: Reoost

Former Second in Command: Valkyrie_Snow (Inactive)

Head of Antarctic Outpost: BoxedSoda (Inactive)

Town Owner in Casablanca: Dovahkiid23 (Inactive)