Umberto's Steak House

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Umberto's Steak House was a restaurant in New York City, founded by Adrian Volkov I, the former mayor of Albany. It sold cooked steaks, along with a variety of other foods.

As of October 2021, Umberto's Steak House is no longer considered an active business.


In early 2021, Adrian Volkov I was looking for a place near New York's /n spawn to set up a business. He originally acquired the former Bee, Inc. Building, but he eventually gave it up. Later, he acquired one-half of the building Umberto's is now located in. The top floor contains half of the Premium Room.

Adrian's original plan with the Bee, Inc. Building and the Umberto Building was to sell bulk materials for cheap. While this plan later evolved into the Ali Baba Store in Croatia, in the meantime he acquired lots of steaks for cheap from an international vendor. Adrian went on to convert the first floor, which was originally used by a potion business, into a classy restaurant outfitted with carpet and wood-trimmed sea lantern lighting.

As the USA/NAP Cold War ended with American defeat, he fled the State of New York and went to Austria. When he left, his ownership of the building itself was revoked, but the shops containing steaks - and the Umberto's brand for that matter - are still technically owned by the Volkov Family, despite the store itself having been claimed by the state of New York.