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WSFS, previously Chase and earlier Oranges Bank, is a bank with headquarters in Newark. It was founded on July 15, 2019 by Orangix and OrangeJuiceMoose.

Chase is a branch of J.P. Morgan Chase and Company and is the largest financial institution in the New York Realm.


Founded on July 15, 2019 for-profit as Oranges Bank Co., the bank has certainly undergone its fair share of changes.

The first store the bank opened was in Formidable in the Coke&Go building. When the bank approached New York City, it had plans to build a skyscraper. With the possibility of a financial skyscraper, the bank was renamed to Chase Bank, the name it kept through its transformation to a nonprofit. In late June, the New York Community Association was opened and took control.

On August 5, the Newark Bay Banking Corporation attempted a merger with Chase. During talks, Chase was renamed to WSFS and was for-profit again. The merger did not go through and they instead settled on opening a separate company named the Banking Alliance Corporation.

Around the end of August 2019, WSFS helped with its hometown's development by digging tunnels for roads.


The company's headquarters
Location Town Note
Formidable Community Center Formidable North of Coke&Go.
Empire State Hotel New York City Directly east of Empire State Building.
Madison Square New York City Chase possibly will have a location in Madison Square, New York City.


The services provided this business are:

Service Description
Banking Money is kept secure in a location.
Loans <50g Lending gold.