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Edmonton is the northernmost city of the Province of Alberta, situated on the banks of Alberta's Lesser Slave Lake. Founded on the abandoned townsite of the old city of Strathcona on April 15, 2020, Edmonton has rapidly grown into a cultural and economic hub for all of Northern Alberta.The town has recently constructed several new skyscrapers, a shopping mall and several infrastructure improvements as it continues to grow.

Town Information
Full Name
Nation Alberta
Region Western Canada
Economic System
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English

French.png French

Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor xGoat_
Political System
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors



The city is home to a variety of unique neighbourhoods, each with their own distinct characteristics. The City of Edmonton maintains a register of the city's neighbourhoods.

  • New Strathcona - Home to Churchill Square and the Town Hall, New Strathcona was the original townsite for the City of Edmonton. It was given this name as it stood across from the ruins of Old Strathcona.
  • Downtown - A high-density neighbourhood clustered around Jasper Avenue and the north bank of Lesser Slave Lake. Home to several skyscrapers and West Edmonton Mall.
  • Victoria - A residential neighbourhood across the lake from Downtown. Home to pleasant suburban style houses and some of Edmonton's most prominent residents from all walks of life.


The town is the capital of Alberta and is home to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. Alberta is a province of the Salish Federation and a member of the Canadian Republic and Northern Confederation. The current Premier of Alberta is xGoat of Edmonton and the Lieutenant Governor is Fortis Ipsum of Sherwood Park.

Town Images

Night time Edmonton.png

A picture of Edmonton at night in July 2020.