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BreadLand Flag Final.png

This is the flag of BreadLand

Town Information
Full Name
Nation Indochina
Population 8
Area 11 chunks
Continent Asia
Region South East Asia
Economic System None
Official Language English
Official Religion Butter
Government Information
Mayor BreadCannon
Political System None
Historical Information
Established July 3, 2023
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

BreadLand is a small town in Terra Aurora, it's located in the south east of modern day thailand.

BreadLand's History

BreadLand doesn't have that much of a history, but that will change with time.

Early History

Sahara Town

BreadLand was initially going to be a town in the middle of the Sahara Desert, BreadCannon built a structure there and dug out an area and even built a house.

This is the place that was going to be BreadLand

The leader of the Sahara nation, louisdek gave BreadCannon the rest of the gold he needed to make a town and join the Sahara nation, but BreadCannon got killed in the middle of the desert while carrying loot and gold, after that BreadCannon started to realize that the desert town thing wasn't a good idea, especially since BreadCannon was a member of Albany, the biggest town in Indochina and the whole server and had friends there.

The Founding

BreadLand was founded in the south east of Thailand on the 3rd of July, 2023 by BreadCannon
BreadLand was founded there for a number of reasons.

  1. Safe Location.
  2. A lot of claimable land.
  3. Being a part of Indochina, the biggest nation on the server, to maintain contact with other members.
BreadLand's Map

The Start

The home chunk of BreadLand was used to make a deepslate brick version of the desert structure, that is going to be the spawn of the town, and base of BreadCannon, it was called The Bread Shrine, BreadCannon added some stuff that weren't there in the desert structure like a basement.

then BreadCannon built a chunk sized public farm next to the shrine and claimed it.

after some time hunters started attacking the town with the purpose of killing BreadCannon or residents of BreadLand and gaining loot.

then BreadCannon started experimenting with roads, and made a main road that is going towards the north then turns west, BreadCannon is planning on turning north again to cover the whole coast.

then BreadCannon started building houses, and two of them are shops.

This is an image of BreadLand at night

Notable People



Shop Owners



I want to credit the Albany, Kalimantano and Kingdom of Egypt wikis because I used them to learn how to make a town information list.
I also got the idea of putting images next to text from france wiki and I still hate them XD but I have to credit them I guess.