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Fort Aurelian
Town Information
Full Name
Nation Vinland Flag.png Laurentia
Population 31
Area 85 chunks
Continent North America
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor MasterEWild
Political System
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Fort Aurelian is the most populated town in Laurentia with 31 residents. Fort Aurelian is a large, as the name suggests, fort made of deepslate. Inside are several large apartment buildings built by town builders, WildFlower1509 and snake_man2, a shop consisting of ores, banners, map arts, heads and a variety of other useful items.


On September 25th of 2023, TylenolEC, ItsGl1tch, InternetCurtains and others traveled with MasterEWild to found the town of Fort Aurelian, they walked invis to avoid hunter attacks on the way. After founding, atTAboycARL and MasterEWild started work on the first Fort Aurelian building. MasterEWild continued to build and recruit over the coming months, buying more plots as needed.

Town Builders

The town has 4 main builders, WildFlower1509, snake_man2, Mr_Blaze_117 and of course the mayor MasterEWild. They are known as the "town builders".

Main Buildings

The Aurelian Archives

The Aurelian Archives is the towns museum which consists of a variety of artifacts and books, spreading internationally. spirtualmilk was commissioned to build the archives by MasterEWild, while all artifacts and books were gathered by mayor MasterEWild.


There are 2 towering skyscrapers which serve as the towns apartments, one built by snake_man2 and the other later built by WildFlower1509. The apartments are detailed enough to be a cozy and usable area, but simple enough to allow residents to customize the apartments greatly.
(if they choose an apartment rather than a full plot)

Town Building

The building at the center of the town serves to main purposes. One is to serve as a living space for town mayor MasterEWild and the other is to serve as a storage area.


The Fort Aurelian shop contains many items like ores, maparts, unique banners, heads and a mix of other items for people to buy.

/t Spawn Status

/t spawn is open so people are able to use /t spawn Fort_Aurelian to visit Fort_Aurelian.


The Fort Aurelian underground is a vast mined out area under the town. It was originally a barren storage area with just stone as far as you could see but was renovated to be full of parkour, and lush lakes, trees and grass. The new underground design was mostly designed by WildFlower1505 and edited and built by MasterEWild.


Fort Aurelian remains an active town with many contributors. The town strives to slowly complete a variety of projects and milestones in the coming months.

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