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Flag of Nunavik
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name State of Nunavik
Towny Name
/n list
Formed Originally Aug. 13th 2022, current government instated, March 14th 2024
National Anthem
Population 7
Chunks 156
Towns 2
Capital City Victorium
Largest City Victorium
Oldest City
Government Information
Political System
Territorial Governor atTAboycaRL
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information


Nunavik has went through many different governments and capitals but it is currently owned by atTAboycARL, the nation is located in Canada and borders Laurentia.

Laurentia Inclusion

Nunavik became a sub-nation to Laurentia, following the signing of the Treaty of the Cities. The treaty outlines the conditions upon Nunavik becoming a sub-nation.

Treaty of The Cities Terms

The terms included in the Treaty of the Cities are as follows:

  • An act of war against Nunavik shall be considered an act of war on Laurentia and vice-versa. Our nations shall stand united.
  • Laurentia and Nunavik (nation held by atTAboycARL, shall hereafter be under the sole banner of the Union of Laurentia. Nunavik shall become an incorporated state of the Union of Laurentia.
  • Residents of Nunavik shall be given citizenship in Laurentia and are held to all rules governing Laurentian citizens.
  • AtTAboycARL shall act as territorial governor of Nunavik and reserve the right to counsel with the Chief Governor of Laurentia at any time should a disagreement or question arise.
  • A full referendum shall be had in Nunavik in order to challenge a Laurentia law and given a 65% majority, that law shall not apply in Nunavik. The only exception being the constitution of Laurentia which cannot be nullified.
  • Nunavik shall not coerce Laurentian towns to join it, and new towns in Nunavik must also comply with Laurentian border treaties.
  • Nunavik may not join any other nation or meganation
  • Nunavik leaves all current alliances and treaties, and shall become subject to all Laurentian treaties.