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Transnational Ice Highway (TNIH)
TNIH logo.png
Map Information
Ice Rail Information
Type Transnational (International)
Completion Date
Builder(s) truuHoloCraft
Patroller truuHoloCraft
Departure Station

Transnational Ice Highway (TNIH) is a decentralized ice highway system, where some parts of ice highway is directly owned and managed by TNIH (truuHoloCraft) itself while other is owned by other companies. All the companies make an unified chain of Ice Highway connecting town to town and nation to nation.


TNIH is founded by truuHoloCraft on December 18th, 2023 in order to expand the ice highway service beyond the Indochina border with the Cape Cod-Falcavia Ice Highway is built and making it the first TNIH routes, connecting Indochina with Papuan nations. On August 30th, 2023, truuHoloCraft introduced the TNIH logo after 8 months of start of TNIH.

TNIH Headquarter

TNIH doesn't have a headquarter yet, the headquarter will be built on truuHoloCraft's town, Yogyakarta and it has already branch offices on Albany, Indochina; Koumakyou, Ronne and Chittagong, Shu

List of TNIH directly owned ice highways