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Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Dominion of Switzerland
Towny Name
/n list
Formed 3 May 2022
National Anthem
Motto Einer für alle, alle für einen
Population 56
Chunks 1523
Towns 10
Capital City Geneva
Largest City Geneva
Oldest City Bern
Region Europe
Language(s) German (Official)

English (Official)

Russian (Spoken)

Japanese (Spoken)

Religion(s) None Officially

Protestantism (Practiced) Orthodox Christianity (Practiced)

Government Information
Political System Consitutional Monarchy
Economic System No Official Economic System
Army Size No Official Number
Part of European Union
Historical Information


The first cities of Switzerland were Bern, Geneva, Zurich, and URI, which were all created on 1 May 2022. Within 2 days on 3 May, the nation of Switzerland was created, which was the 4th in Europe and 17th overall in the world. Ulok, mayor of Bern, was the first King of Switzerland, who saw the creation of Parliament and a population boost in Switzerland.

Reign of King Furi

On 9 June, Ulok laid down his powers to the new King, VzNFuriX, better known as Furi, and Alertray was given the title of Prime Minister. The reign of Furi (mayor of Zurich) saw the creation of several new towns in Switzerland, such as Chur, Sion, and Vaduz. PM Alertray also invited new members to the Parliament. During this time, Alertray was the mayor of Bern, and created an active and populous metropolis. The Swiss Ice Rail network was created by OmegaApex_, mayor of Sion. It connected the towns of Sion, Chur, Vaduz, and Chamonix.

Reign of King CraftmanEthanos

On 5 August, King Furi abdicated and transferred power to CraftmanEthanos (mayor of Geneva). His reign saw the nation of Switzerland exceeding 1000 chunks, and the annexation of URI into Geneva. During his reign, socialistcanada (mayor of Chur) was the Prime Minister.


The Royal Palace of Switzerland began construction in Geneva, and the Geneva Town Hall was also completed. The tallest building in Switzerland was also built, by DogStew, and was a massive shopping mall, which surpassed the height of OId Bern Tower, built by socialistcanada, mayor of Chur. The Swiss spawn was also remodeled, with a new main building, and the construction of the Grossmünster in Zurich also resumed. During this time, the Swiss Ice Rail network had a station in all Swiss cities, and even connected Switzerland to the Mediterranean.


On 7 September, the town of CERN, led by MeteoFur, joined the nation after being betrayed by its former nations. Another town, Turin, was also created and joined Switzerland without notice. The town of Monaco, in France, felt threatened by this, and demanded that Turin was deleted. Even after Turin was deleted, Monaco expressed severe concern over the towns of Aincrad, led by KiritoMayr, and CERN. This was the beginning of a long and brutal conflict between the town of Monaco and the nation of Switzerland, which saw the casualties of several Swiss, Monegasque citizens, as well as one Yamato citizen. Monaco also griefed the Swiss Ice Rail network, which was the best way to travel between cities. An agreement has still not been made, and Monaco, which recently became a nation, and Switzerland remain hostile enemies.

Reign of socialistcanada

On 31 October, socialistcanada of Chur became the King of Switzerland. The former King provided a statement, "Since I am not active enough to run the country of Switzerland anymore I’ve decided that I am naming @socialistcanada the newest and 4th king of Switzerland". The historic spawn was moved to Chur, with a new temporary shop.


On 1 January 2023, Switzerland became a colony of Spain after a controversial poll. Not many changes to Switzerland occurred during this time, and no Swiss Citizen ran for President of Spain.


On the same day, 1 January 2023, socialistcanada of Chur became mayor of Geneva. The new mayor of Chur was notable player mipmipmip of Fukuoka, Japan. The former mayor of Geneva, AplleGamer04, became a high ranking citizen of Geneva. With the return of the nation's spawn back to the historic Swiss Square, the temporary spawn of Switzerland in Chur was put out of use, and the planned spawn for Switzerland halted construction. By 2 January, the new Grand Building for shops was mostly completed in Geneva. It spanned 8 chunks and was three floors tall. It hosts shops and Geneva's Town Storage. Spawn remained closed for under a month, and was reopened to the public on 30 January.

Southern Switzerland

Construction of the new Swiss Ice Rail began, after the previous Ice Rail that connected several prominent towns was destroyed by Monaco which forced it out of use. The first phase of the project was a line from Sion to Zurich through Geneva and Bern. On 16 February, the town of Chamonix, which had joined Spain a few weeks earlier, had fallen. Former mayor, jammeeessss, had created the town Oran which was part of Spain a few days earlier. Over the course of two days, Sion and Aincrad were able to claim all the former land that Chamonix occupied.


On 9 February, Switzerland formally declared independence from Spain. This came after a nationwide poll that passed in favor of independence.

National Day

On 3 May 2023, Switzerland celebrated its first anniversary as a nation. King socialistcanada began his statement by thanking all of the brave pioneers who founded Switzerland, and concluded it by thanking all the citizens and helpers of Switzerland for making Switzerland what it is today.


On 9 May 2023, King socialistcanada abdicated as the 4th King of Switzerland. His official statement read, "It is on this day I decide to abdicate as the 4th King of Switzerland. My reign has had its highs and lows, and I will forever cherish Switzerland and continue to support it. I have recently transferred my powers, and I will embark on a new journey on this server. Thank you to all who have made my reign memorable, but as we know, all good things must come to an end."

Reign of King Zwipexx

On 9 May 2023 Switzerland and Geneva were sold to the Papal States for 4000 gold. Switzerland became an autonomous province of Papal States. Because of this purchase two towns from Switzerland decided to leave and join Belarus.


As soon as Zwipexx became king the old capital Geneva was given to Bisougai and Zwipexx's town Fritzens became the new capital.