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For a comprehensive history, see History of Belgium and the Netherlands


Belgium was founded somewhere during late October of 2017 by FrankUnderwood. Most of the old buildings were built by PolkadotBlueBear, buildings such as Belgian spawn and the ocean walk/coastal road.

October War

CCCP/NATO has invested large amounts of gold into Belgium, in return Belgium joined the October War on the Norweigan(CCCP) side, shortly after Spanish Armada bombed Wallonia, starting the Belgian-Spanish War. Belgian armed forces participated in the First Battle of PinguCity, invasion of Mecca, Royan and several other towns gaining lots of loot and colonies. On the downside, PolkadotBlueBear of Alanian Zeeland ended the alliance between Belgium and Alanian Zeeland, shortly after Endersgame was banned and the October War ended. FrankUnderwood seeing no point in having an enemy few blocks away from spawn apologised to PolkadotBlueBear and paid war reparations re-building the Alanian-Belgian friendship.

Events during the October War in which Belgian Army assisted CCCP.

-The bombing of Belgium.

-The First Battle of PinguCity

-Battle of Royan

-Battle of Yorktown

-Battle of Mecca (Xennnnn trapped Endersgame)

-Battle of Madrid

Note: many of these battles were often just raids which were often repeated, therefore there might be a lack of documentation regarding those events.

Soviet-Belgian conflict

Shortly after the fall of the CCCP Soviet Union was formed by Periano, Belgium was invited but denied shortly after being unsuccessfully invaded by the red army.

Belgium joins EU

Runnerboy72000 and Oliveer formed the European Union, Belgians viewed this as a progressive country that might end all conflicts within Europe, however many others most notably the Spanish Empire did not share this view, thus the Spanish-EU War.

Spain-EU war

Spain was the only major power within Europe that decided not to join the European Union thus EU decided to destroy Spanish capital and make them capitulate, this was unsuccessful, however. Most of the EU members saw this rightfully as an unreasonable action by a country that was supposed to unite Europe through peace, not war.

Belgium joins Soviet Union (new CCCP)

Maracaibo forces led by GUI66 invaded Belgium without any previous warning slaughtering the unprepared Belgian army, shortly after Waqit & the Red Army came to aid Belgian forces, this has caused a stalemate and later on retreated of Venezuelan(Maracaibo) Military forces, this battle was part of the war known as the Lowlands War

Belgium preserved its independence and only joined nations that allowed a degree of autonomy to Belgium.

Belgian Colonies

-Belgian Tunisia

-Belgian Indonesia

-Belgian Oceania

-Belgian India (Trading post in Mumbai)

-Israel (Jerusalem)

-Madagascar Colony


New nation made in December 14th of 2017

Spanish attempt of annexing Belgium.

Somewhere during the mid-December of 2017 Spanish-German Coalition led by NSaurioGamer invaded Belgium. They surrounded the Belgian government building slowly pushing Belgian forces out of mainland Belgium. Belgian forces were holding Spanish-German Coalition out of the city center while waiting for African support and the rest of the Belgian army to join EMC and push Spanish-German coalition out of the city, however, Escalante of Pretoria did that job himself, shortly after killing NSaurioGamer EwanTheHero and Caarolito ran from Belgium, again Belgium was saved.

Golden Age of Belgium and the construction of several palaces and colonies.

Belgian Tunisia was formed somewhere during the late December of 2017, it was extremely gold-rich. Frank hired several professional builders, most notably X Myers X to build wonderful palaces in Brussels and improve Belgian Tunisia and Madagascar. Introduction of the new policy which stated that anyone who joins Belgium and stays active for 3 days gains a colony/or can form one started the huge expansion of Belgium and made large improvements in old forgotten colonies. High living standards in Belgium boosted the morale of the population which consequently decided to mine gold for the Belgian Treasury in various colonies greatly improving the Belgian economy and laying down the foundations for the French Union.

X_Myers_X Rule

Not much of note. The professional building continued.

French Era of Belgium

Belgium was a part of the French Union, it was an autonomous region. But eventually, Frank was banned.

Belgian Collapse

Belgium collapsed since it lost its ruler, When it fell the City of Alanian Zeeland accepted Belgian Refugees and claimed Belgium; now Belgium is under good rule, again.