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The Island Union is a nation that originated in the former Japanese Colonial town of Sorong. It was a regional power of Southeast Asia based in Sorong but did accept other towns outside of Southeast Asia provided they were on an island.

Under Lord Pock the IslandUnion grew to be a stabling force in the region that for a while was unstable and split between the larger nations of Australia and Japan. It was usually anti-Japanese and faced off with Japan in many battles, usually over Sorong.

The Lord Pock, on June 17th, 2018, in response the continued drama his nation faced by Japan and its ally Germany, decided to leave the nation and sell his town, Sorong, to Japan. Due to this, the town of Timor inherited the nation, this making the mayor of Timor, Gymsock17, the new Lord of the nation, officially titled Regent in a perpetual regency. How the nation will cope is unknown. .