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April 1, 2022
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Koszyce September 2021.png September 2021
Town Information
Full Name Koszyce
Nation Lechian Empire
Population 37
Area 311 chunks
Coordinates Wiki-wordmark.png 3728, -9160
Continent Europe
Economic System
Official Language Polish
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor 3meraldK
Political System
Historical Information
Established March 9, 2019
Past Nations Polish State


Past Mayors
Past Councillors _xFlyingEagle


Koszyce or Košice is a major city located in east Slovakia, Europe. It is a town of Polish Kingdom, Lechian Empire stretching from northern Hungary to Lesser Poland. It is the fourth biggest city in the country, bordering Krakow, Rzeszow, Mukaczewo, Ustrzyki, Levice, Sopia and German Confederation. Koszyce was firstly founded by TypowyPLBatman on December 6, 2018, later to be given away and deleted due to the The First Great Server War. The town was remade by 3meraldK on March 9, 2022. In Poland it is known to be ugly, but it has one of the most unique architecture styles on the server.


St. Nicholas’ Day (December 2018)

December 6, 2018, was a day, on which the Polish mayor town of Szczecin organized and invited citizens and foreigners to their event, a concert because of the occasion of St. Nicholas’ day. But some time later, an unknown person toggled on PvP permissions on the plots, causing incoming Qin soldiers to slaughter Poles on the event, except for a few. They were angry at the organizators to this degree, that one resident by the name of TypowyPLBatman left Szczecin and made Košice in northern Hungary.

The First Great Server War (December 2018)

The foundation of Košice in Greater Moravian Empire claimed area was the main reason to trigger the world war between Poland and its allies (France, Caucasia etc.) and GME and theirs (Nazi Germanies and more). Moravian forces invaded the town on December 22, 2018. After some hour, defenders won and the counter-offensive towards Prague was launched, in which Poland was effectively encircled by Nazi forces. Later offensives happened in Warsaw, Szczecin. War ended on January 2, 2019 after signing a peace treaty, and Košice joined Moravia.

The end of old Košice (January 2019)

The ending of the war forced the mayor of the city to give up his position to a Moravian player called cosmicpanther15 the same day. There are very probable theories that after the clash of Košice the city was burnt down, animals were killed, and the other buildings were demolished (that is being called Košice massacre). It is unknown what happened to the town under Moravian control, but it was disbanded or fell down months later.

New Kosice (March 2019)

Very new EarthMC beginner by name of 3meraldK firstly resided in Bialystok, then settled in Szczecin where he was given plot and materials. On March 9, 2019 he left the city to start a new settlement in the southern part of Poland. Metropol was founded in today's eastern Krakow but due to the harsh criticism of his friends, the town was quickly deleted, and 3meraldK moved to Slovakia to make Kosice. The new town was created in the outskirts of the former town, north of ruins.

The city (March 2019)

The first object to be built in Kosice is a windmill and the mill made from dark wooden materials. In the centre of city, the square was made and the mayor built a fancy, small town hall. The city was one of the first to be resided by people who play nowadays; jemenik, ToMeKiRyS, PanGubernator, _xFlyingEagle. They built their houses in a residental area, south from the square.

SSziom was the first ambitional sky scraper. He built two enormous skyscraper - one from stone and the second one from gigantic amounts of diorite. They were demolished in future. The diorite tower was shortened by 90%. In meanwhile, the mayor built jail, farm and his house on the hill. (that is very near to the town spawn).

Thisek was another builder who managed to built the second (now its one of fourth) object which is the tallest object made by man in Poland (256 blocks high, around 150 from the ground). This tower was named Thisek Double Tower because they are two huge chunk by chunk andesite towers. An enormous storage was made under the foundaments and it functions until nowadays. He also expanded the city 20 chunks northward to establish an industrial center for collecting various resources.

_xFlyingEagle was another very notable and loyal resident of Kosice. He started playing EMC in March or April 2019. He and 3meraldK became closest friends on the server. _xFlyingEagle (also known as GeneralEagle574, Korwin574, etc.) contributed for the town pretty much and was a help for 3meraldK. He built his own home and tiny storage which exists to these days. His most mentionable contributions to Kosice was funding 250 gold ingots to expand south in order to claim old ruins of Košice.

The rebellion (August 2020 - July 2021)

Kosice rebelled together with Krakow and Rzeszow in order to create East Galicia. The nation was created on September 21, 2020, month after they joined Austria. Those three towns were in main region of the new state, until February 2021, when Rzeszow unexpectedly turned out to spy for Poland. During the period of a revolt, town was a bit of inactive and nothing really happened.

Back in home (July 2021)

After months of the prosperous development of Galician Kingdom, its people decided to unite with Poland. Polish Federation was proclaimed on July 30, 2021. Later on, on March 14, 2022, Koszyce sold the Towny nation to another player and the town rejoined Polish Kingdom. It has a pretty solid position in the reunited nation now.


  • Battle of Košice (December 22, 2018)
  • Skirmishes of Kosice (April 2019)
  • Siege of Kosice (April 2020)
  • Bombing of Kosice (May 2, 2020)


Architecture of town is classified as mixed, this makes the city one of the most unique in Poland and in Europe. Skyscrapers, medieval villages, simple houses, complex buildings and more are randomly thrown to one city. The building style changed drastically through years of Koszyce’s existing.