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March 31, 2022
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Lechian Empire
Lechian Empire Flag.png
Coat of Arms
Lechian Empire Emblem.png
National Information
Full Name Lechian Empire
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem
Motto blabla
Population 226
Chunks 4981
Capital City Gdansk
Largest City Krakow
Oldest City Wroclaw
Discord Lechian Empire
Government Information
Political System Oligarchy
Economic System
Army Size
Part of International Defense Coalition
Historical Information

Lechian Empire (Interslavic: Lehitske Imperija, Polish: Imperium Lechickie), Lechitic, Lechina Empire or Lechia, is an imperial meganation in Central Europe. It was proclaimed by POGKPP on November 23, 2021 after negotiations of the Polish Federation and Bulgarian representatives initiated by ToMeKiRyS. The empire consists of Poland, Tasmania, Lithuania and Croatia. The empire borders German Confederation, Greater Roman Empire, Estonia and Terra Mariana. Poland is leader state of the country.


Negotiations (October 2021)

A Galician noble by name of ToMeKiRyS initiated negotiations in October 2021 because he was probably befriended with EliteFromYT, an aspiring future leader of Bulgaria. The actual king was KrisoBG, governor of the small city of Sofia located south from Lovech. They both agreed to start talks about forming a bigger project which was a pan-slavic meganation.

After a few weeks, EliteFromYT became President of Bulgaria and the kingdom was transferred into republic. The Lechian Empire was made up in mid-October but due to gathering gold in Bulgaria, the proclamation was delayed on November 23, 2021.

Proclaiming (November 2021)

After the proclamation, Lechian Empire set their laws and concluded elections for the Lechian government (December 4, 2021), in which Bajzyl won elections, and xHyper20 and Kieubasiarz were appointed chancellors.

Lechian-Romanian War (January 2022)

On January 2, 2022, Lechia aided their member (Bulgaria) in their conflict with Greater Romania. The first and the only known battle which ever occurred in the war was Battle of Bistrita (January 7, 2022). The pact of Bulgarians and Hungarians, and their allies fought on Bistrita-Székelyudvarhely border (east of the latter). Enemied with Roman helping units and Romanians, the battle was tied after one hour of battle.

The war with Greater Romania ended on February 3, 2022 as the nation joined the Greater Roman Empire as their vassal. (and Bulgaria joined some time later, leaving Lechia). No peace treaty was signed.

Development (January 2022 - March 2022)

In the new year, two nations were incorporated into the Lechian Empire so far, Croatia and Lithuania. Bulgaria left the Lechian Empire and joined GRE on March 5, 2022. Second elections started on February 3, 2022, which were won by xHyper20. 3meraldK and ToMeKiRyS were selected for chancellors. Kalmar Union temporarily joined the Lechian Empire as their colony on February 19, 2022, for some short time (until March 3, 2022).


The government of Lechian Empire is an oligarchy individually selected by each member state leader, and the elected so-called supervisional government, made of the Lech and two Chancellors. The Lech is being elected by all mayors, each 2 months, and the second-most voted candidate is the first chancellor. The second ‘’kancler koronny’’ is picked by the new leader himself. The superior authority is tasked with performing external affairs, and the nations in the Lechian Empire are almost fully autonomous. Core leader is Vely Knaz and provincial king is Knaz.


Core states are members which are influential, active and are considered local major powers, they are also trusted and loyal to the Slavic community. They have many more privileges than provinces. Provinces are commonly a new member of Lechia, and may be promoted anytime in a voting of council of Vely Knazs.


Lp. Term Lech First chancellor Second chancellor
1. December 1, 2022 - January 31, 2022 Bajzyl xHyper20 Kieubasiarz
2. February 1, 2022 - March 31, 2022 xHyper20 3meraldK ToMeKiRyS
3. April 1, 2022 - May 31, 2022 unknown unknown unknown


Lechian Empire is at war with German Confederation due to the German-Polish conflict since April 2020. So, it is also hostile with all Europa Pact members, they are Spain and Greater Roman Empire. Lechian is a part of International Defense Coalition. They keep great relations with Russia, France and Caucasia. Member states can’t make any external relationship, so the elected government is appointed for that.


The Lechian flag is crimson-colored flag with two Slavic golden ornamental patterns along the top and the bottom edges and the large golden kolovrat in the centre. The patterns and the swastika are Slavic symbols; kolobrat symbolizes the sun and the eternal life.