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Melon & Sons was a large chain of shops that was renowned for buying and selling valuables of all kinds at fair prices. Its International Head Offices were based in Paris, France. It was Founded and was owned and operated by explodingmelons. The store is now Defunct, the page is being left in the state it was at the time of the collapse.


Store Location Town Nation (/n spawn) Still Operating? Buying Signs?
Paris Shopping District Paris France No Yes
Luxville Monaco Monaco Yes No
The Bazaar Gabes Numidia No No
Kodiak Shopping District Kodiak Kodiak Yes Yes
Gare de Toulouse-Matabiau Toulouse France (not at /n spawn) Yes No
Galeries Lafayette Paris France Yes Yes
Caracas Shopping District Caracas Venezuela Yes No
Alaska Shopping District Illiamna Alaska Yes Yes
M&S International Head Offices Paris France (not at /n spawn) Yes No
Philippines Shopping Square Greater-Manila Philippines Yes Yes
Times Station / Times Square New_York New_York Yes Yes
Carrefour Amarok Amarok Nunavut No Yes
Hawaii Shopping Centre Hawaii Hawaiian_ Islands Yes Yes
Sly Street London Britain Yes Yes


Paris Shop

The predecessor of Melon & Sons, Paris Shop was the first major sign shop to open in Paris, and for quite a while it was the only shop in Paris until the now defunct and demolished old shopping district opened. It opened not long after the sign shop plugin was fixed meaning new shops could finally be created. Paris Store sold a wide range of items including, but not limited to, construction materials, standard items, valuables, food, god gear, nether items and every miscellaneous item between. This store was owned and operated by explodingmelons the only signs not owned by explodingmelons were the god gear signs, which were owned and maintained by ImperialFishy.

Early Melon & Sons

Upon the creation of the then new Paris Shopping District sometime in June, explodingmelons made the decision to move his store to a new location in the centre of the new shopping district, to significantly cut down on what was being sold and to rebrand, choosing the name Melon & Sons' Valuables, Resources and Miscellaneous Items. Originally the store was dim, cramped, poorly laid out and had a bad design overall (explodingmelons now considers these attributes to be the sign of an inexperienced shop owner.) Melon & Sons' Valuables, Resources and Miscellaneous Items still sold quite a varying set of items, far fewer than what Paris Shop had sold yet still a greater variation than Modern M&S, it also had a weekly specials wall where a random set of items would be sold each week depending on what excess items explodingmelons had.


Sometime in late September, the decision was made to overhaul the business. It was decided to simplify the business by removing excess items and focusing solely on valuables excluding god gear, this meant the removal of all the random items that didn't sell well from the store. It was also decided to redesign the store to make it feel light and user friendly by removing the water elevators, changing the spruce flooring to birch flooring, having simple shrubbery located in various corners of the store, cutting down on unnecessary signs, removing the third floor and instead having a basement floor for a new feature of the store, the buying signs. Up until now it was only possible to sell a select few items to M&S but now it was possible to sell every item to M&S that they were selling, an attribute that has become one of they key pillars of M&S. The storage room where items for the signs were kept was moved from the attic of the store to a room near explodingmelon's /res spawn inside La Capitolium, his private manor in Toulouse, southern France, doing this opened up the option for multiple stores server-wide. Finally the name of the store was simplified, going from Melon & Sons' Valuables, Resources and Miscellaneous Items to simply Melon & Sons. These changes are now iconic of Melon & Sons stores server-wide.

Growth on the International Stage

Not long after the overhaul, Melon & Sons acquired its second store location, a medium sized store in Monaco, its ability to do so aided by its new storage room location in La Capitolium. Over the next few months, Melon & Sons would continue to grow and expand its brand name server-wide, opening up stores in many locations including, but not limited to, Kodiak, Nunavut, Alaska and New_York. In February 2020, the decision was made to close the original Melon & Sons store location after many, many months of operations there alongside many other stores in the area in preparation for the demolition of the old Paris Shopping District. To this day the only thing remaining is the basement where the buying signs would've been housed. Around the same time the new Melon & Sons International Head Offices building was built in Paris, located between the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, overlooking a small park bordered on the other side by the Seine. Also around this time, explodingmelons commisioned some map art for the company, a 1x1 map and a 1x2 map with the company's logo on it for signage, something he had wanted to do for many months. Sadly this was only completed just after the original store closed, meaning the store never received any map art signage after so many months of operations. Less than one month after the map art was commissioned, the first Melon & Sons Discord Server was created which includes all the information there is needed to know about M&S and to open Melon & Sons to the Discord Market.


Item Selling Price Buying Price
Diamonds 56 for 1g 64 for 1g
Emeralds 56 for 1g 64 for 1g
Iron Blocks 48 for 1g 56 for 1g
Lapis Blocks 128 for 1g 192 for 1g
Experience Bottles 192 for 1g 256 for 1g
Ender Pearls 6 for 1g 8 for 1g
Slime Balls 6 for 1g 8 for 1g
Ender Chests 3 for 2g 2 for 1g
Leather 24 for 1g 28 for 1g
Name Tags 6 for 1g 8 for 1g
Leads 2 for 1g 3 for 1g
String 14 for 1g 16 for 1g
Bones 192 for 1g 256 for 1g
Spider Eyes 1 for 1g 2 for 1g
Ghast Tears 1 for 3g 1 for 2g
Turtle Eggs 5 for 1g 6 for 1g
Gunpowder 128 for 1g 192 for 1g
Glowstone Dust 256 for 1g 320 for 1g
Blaze Rods 1024 for 1g 1152 for 1g
Nether Wart 320 for 1g 384 for 1g
Nether Bricks 192 for 1g 256 for 1g
Soul Sand 192 for 1g 256 for 1g
Magma Blocks 192 for 1g 256 for 1g
Glowstone 64 for 1g 80 for 1g
Obsidian 40 for 1g 48 for 1g
TNT 24 for 1g 32 for 1g
Coal Blocks 128 for 1g 192 for 1g
Redstone Blocks 320 for 1g 512 for 1g
Spawners 1 for 30g 1 for 25g
Blaze Spawn Eggs 1 for 10g 1 for 8g
Beacons 1 for 120g 1 for 100g
Wither Skulls 1 for 30g 1 for 25g
Music Disc 13 1 for 1g 32 for 1g
Music Disc Cat 1 for 1g 32 for 1g
Music Disc Blocks 1 for 30g 1 for 25g
Music Disc Chirp 1 for 30g 1 for 25g
Music Disc Far 1 for 30g 1 for 25g
Music Disc Mall 1 for 30g 1 for 25g
Music Disc Mellohi 1 for 30g 1 for 25g
Music Disc Stal 1 for 30g 1 for 25g
Music Disc Strad 1 for 30g 1 for 25g
Music Disc Ward 1 for 30g 1 for 25g
Music Disc 11 1 for 30g 1 for 25g
Music Disc Wait 1 for 30g 1 for 25g
Item Exchange Rate
Diamonds 1 Diamond for 8 Iron Ingots
Diamonds 1 Diamond for 1 Emerald