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American Airlines was created by ZGamerz_123 as a new airline to bring activity to the aviation industry. Made on the 23rd of February 2021. American Airlines was created to introduce international air travel on a large scale. After ally only teleport, nations weren't getting much visitors, and going on a boat could be slow and tedious. American Airlines set out to bring visitors to places that had barely any visitors. On March 7th 2022, 69Vivann also known as Bruh. became the new CEO of American Airlines and did absolutely nothing for 6 months which made the airline cease operations. After a few months of negotiating, IvannnO6 also known as IvanMishin became the new CEO of American Airlines on August 9th 2022 and announced that the airline will resume operations before October 2022.


American Airlines has several tickets;

  • Main Cabin - No lounge access, cancellations or upgrades. Has basic snacks on select flights
  • Premium Economy - No lounge access. Cancellations for a fee, and upgrades are allowed. Meals on select flights.
  • Flagship Business - Lounge access at select airports. Cancellations and upgrades allowed. TSA Pre Check at select airports. Premium meals on select flights.
  • Flagship First -Lounge access at ALL airports. Cancellations allowed. TSA Pre Check at ALL airports. Premium meals on ALL flights.


American Airlines has several airports spread out across the world;

Nova Airports

  • Tallahassee Connections Airport - Located in Tallahassee, CSA. Airport used only for connections between Miami and inland North America.
  • Miami International Airport - Out main hub, this is a major airport located in Miami, Miami. Not completed yet. Flights go to some parts of Europe, most parts of Africa, and Antarctica.
  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport - Located in Apex, North Carolina, this is American Airlines' main hub for most of Europe, and most of Africa.
  • Pirate Ron International Airport - Located in DavyJonesLocker, Nubia, this is American Airlines' main hub for connecting into Antarctica, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.
  • Mossow International Airport - Located at Mossow, KAPSK, this is American Airlines' main airport at Antarctica. This is American Airlines' main hub to heading into Oceania and Asia.
  • Des Moines International Airport - Located in Des Moines, Iowa, this is American Airlines' main hub for west coast North America.
  • Long Yun Dali International Airport - Located in Dali, Yunnan, this is American Airlines' main hub for Asia and Oceania.

Aurora Airports

  • Logan International Airport - Located in North Boston, CSA. Not Completed Yet. Will be used to connect North America with Europe.

Frequent Flier Program

AA Advantage is American Airlines' frequent flier program.

Main Cabin DOMESTIC FLIGHT = 10 miles

Main Cabin INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT = 20 miles

Premium Economy = 30

Business = 40

First Class = 50