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Profile Information
Aliases Pancat, Seth
Nation Lapland, Greater Finnish Empire
Town Pankikland
Towny Rank Mayor
Occupation Mayor of Pankikland, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Greater Finnish Empire
Political Party Restoration Party
Religion Pancatism
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn February 25, 2021
Place of Spawn Asia
Physical Information
Nationality American
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
Illinois, Michigan, West Virginia, Georgia, Finland

Pancat_The_King is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Co-founder of the Greater Finnish Empire, leader of the Restoration Party, and the President Pro Tempore of Lapland.


Joining EMC

Pancat had been following EarthMC since 2020, but lacked an RGB equipped computer to play on the server himself. Eventually, he was able to attain a fully functional PC and got rid of that old MacBook where he was making weird google slides on, finally joining the server on February 25th, 2021 with the intent to join or make a nation in Texas. After a few hours of waiting for someone to invite him to Pueblo, Pancat was hit with the realization that the server was paradoxically dead despite having a large influx of new players every day. This meant that his chances of joining a nation in Pueblo was almost impossible, especially with the length of queue.

Pancat was just about ready to leave the server permanently when he was made aware of Kingsland, and it’s owner, _Cj__. After asking in chat if there were any towns in Texas for him to join, Pancat was told by Cj that Kingsland was in Texas, and that the nation name “Finland” was merely a joke and not indicative of its real geographical location. He soon agreed to join the town, and Cj granted him a free plot to get started.

The following week of Pancat’s EMC experience was mostly spent constructing a Quartz mansion in Kingsland, gathering most of the Quartz he found from the ruins of Vaasa, an old Finnish town that had fallen months before.

The founding of Pankikland

After much internal deliberation, Pancat's sights became set on the ruins of Posio, an ancient Finnish town, as the host for his new town, which he decided would be called Pankikland. The name Pankikland means virtually nothing, and was simply chosen because "Pankikland" sounded like "Pancake Land" in Finnish (it doesn't). The town was founded March 7th, 2021 with the help of _Cj__. The day after the town was founded, Pancat invited a player called MrIHOP to the town, convincing him to join due to the breakfast theme of Pankikland. MrIHOP would soon rise the ranks of Pankikland to become Pancat's right-hand man and help preserve the town throughout the most chaotic era in Finland's history.

Russia and the Rise to Politics

Within his second week of being in Kingsland, Pancat was made aware of Cj's plan to run for Prime Minister of Finland and became involved with the election after Cj offered to appoint him as minister of foreign affairs. Winning against the incumbent Prime Minister, Nimnev, with 63% of the vote. Pancat's first days in office were spent discussing how to deal with Russia and boost the activity of Finland, as Finland was in the middle of a disastrous depression. During this time, Pancat met J1K, the former king of Finland, who was acting as the Minister of Infrastructure. Pancat also became familiarized with Emerald_Tip, the Minister of Defense.

Only a week after becoming Minister of Foreign Affairs, Russia attempted to expand their influence into Finland by offering to accept them into the Russian Federation, an offer that was opposed by everyone but Pancat. This event exposed Pancat to Russia for the first time, and showed him the importance of Finnish Nationalism and loyalty. Another notable event was the resignation of King Ju2annanas, who promptly crowned Emerald_Tip as his successor. This gave Cj and Pancat an unprecedented amount of power within Finland, and allowed them to pass legislation with little opposition.

Sometime around March, Pancat and _Cj__ were looking for somewhere to purchase cows from, but was unable to find a supplier. Eventually, Pancat was contacted by Java_Wolf, the leader of The Republic of Komi and President of the Russian Federation. Java offered Pancat 2 cows for 300 gold, to which Pancat refused. The deal soon devolved into an argument, eventually culminating in an attack where Java Wolf and his friend Djole griefed the outskirts of Pankikland and threatened a war on Finland. This was only prevented by the combined efforts of Bunnyrich and Emerald_Tip, who convinced Java Wolf to back down. This soured Finnish relations with Russia, and would soon lead to various conflicts in the future.

The Northern Empire

With many now questioning the security of Finland, Pancat began looking for ways to consolidate power and protect Finland from a possible Russian invasion. Eyes soon turned to Scandinavia, where the owner, Niqhtliqht, proposed a joint union with various European countries for preservation and prosperity. Pancat jumped on this opportunity, and quickly drafted a constitution for the union, called the Northern Empire Agreement. The Northern Empire quickly fell apart, however, as Niqhtliqht and Pancat left the Nordics and traveled to North America in search of more power. The Northern Empire attempted to reorganize into the United Legions, but by that point the union was already dead and officially dissolved in June of 2021.

Niqhtliqht and North America

Niqht and Pancat began their quest for power in Kansas, founding the nation and expanding it to 100 chunks before selling it and traveling to Illinois. Cencius, the Emperor of Illinois, had taken an interest in Niqht and granted him the title of Governor of Michigan. Pancat, meanwhile, was elected to serve as an Illinois cabinet member for 2 terms. During this time, Niqht attempted to expand the influence of Michigan whilst using Pancat to hold various nations for him until he inevitably decided to sell them.

Pancat soon became sick of being used as a tool, and eventually Niqht and Pancat had a falling out. Niqht attempted to make various threats towards Pancat and Finland, prompting Emerald to remove him from power and cut all ties with Pancat, something he had already been itching to do.

Eventually Niqht and Pancat repaired their friendship, but it wouldn’t be long until things got complicated again. Pancat and Java Wolf began to argue yet again, prompting Java Wolf to try to convince Finland to help them attack Georgia, but was eventually repelled by the threat of Commonwealth involvement and Emerald’s refusal to declare war.

After this brief conflict, Niqht’s expansionism began to cause issues for him as a rift grew between Michigan and Illinois. Sensing Niqht’s volatility and a possible threat to Illinois, Cencius was able to steal Michigan from Niqht and kicked him from the nation, forcing him to hide in Georgia with Pancat. Annoyed, Niqht doxxed a Commonwealth official and was then temporarily banned by mods for 30 days. Niqht refused to accept the ban and attempted to use an alternate account to spy on Illinois during his ban, which failed when Niqht joined an Illinois voice chat and tried to mask his voice with a middle eastern accent. Cencius was immediately tipped off by this, and convinced Pancat to give him enough evidence to permanently ban Niqht from EarthMC.

The Suomi Coup

Left townless and without prospects in North America, Pancat returned to Finland to find a divided government. During his absence, a rift formed between Cj and Emerald, with both sides disagreeing on how to restore Finland and distrusting each other greatly. Additionally, a new nation called Lapland joined Finland as a Vassal.

AghastBlock, the leader of Lapland, Pancat, and Cj began to realize that the only way to save Finland was to replace Emerald as King, and thus planned to stage a coup against Finland to convince him to abdicate. It was not long after that Lapland seceded from Finland, and a new nation known as Suomi was formed, taking the entire northern and middle parts of Finland with them. This coup failed, however, and both Cj and Pancat decided to leave the server out of boredom and disappointment. Not long after, Pankikland would fall due to inactivity. Pancat, realizing what happened, would restart the town and reclaimed the most important parts of Pankikland, but continued to abstain from playing the server for 4 months.

The Return

On December 12th, 2021, Aghast would contact Pancat to notify him of a new town that had formed just west of Pankikland, called Ranua, that was claiming into Pankikland ruins. Pancat was enraged by this, and returned to the server to find a Finland completely different than the one he had left. A new megatown, called Bergo, had formed, claiming the entire southwest of Finland, MaxFI, an old ally of Pancat’s, had seceded to form the nation Tavastia, Tanzania had made a colony in the north called Finnmark, which won their independence and founded the Nordic Federation with Lapland, Suomi, and Tavastia, and Terra Mariana, a once dead nation, had reformed into Estonia, a supernation.

Throughout all of this was a war between the Nordic Federation and Finland over the scamming of 150 gold, and both sides were locked in stalemate. Knowing that EMC wars never accomplish anything with just PVP, Pancat contacted the new Finnish Ministry to negotiate a possible peace treaty. Soon, however, Pancat realized that if he pushed for the reunification of Finland, he could prevent another conflict like this from ever reoccurring and could finally restore Finland to its former glory.

After speaking with AghastBlock and J1K, Pancat was able to solidify plans for a joint Finnish empire led by someone other than Emerald_Tip, who had become extremely unpopular with everyone in the region. There was only one last thing to deal with: True Russia

True Russia

During Pancat’s absence in North America, Russia had been split between two different supernations: True Russia, led by Java Wolf, and West Russia, led by Limkid and later Le Bebra. These two factions were at war with each other constantly over who would control Russia, and soon the conflict made its way over to Finland.

Emerald_Tip, sensing that his time as king was coming to an end, swiftly declared war on True Russia with the hope that he could preserve his reign for a little longer. Because of this, True Russia began to use Lapland as a staging ground for military attacks on Finland, which Pancat feared would hinder negotiations for Finnish Reunification. Soon, Aghast found a book off of a dead True Russian Soldier that threatened Lapland directly, prompting him to also declare war on True Russia.

Pancat hoped the war would bring Finland, Estonia, and West Russia closer with Lapland, but soon found that this would be pointless. West Russia had attempted to declare Lapland an enemy of the state, forcing the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, PrimeCyber, to resign and for Pancat to take her place. Pancat managed to restore this uneasy alliance and made moves to join the IDC, but was refused when Estonia claimed that Lapland was too worthless to join the Coalition.

The Greater Finnish Empire

Bitter and annoyed, Pancat began to push for a peace settlement with True Russia, and sought to speed up reunification of Finland. J1K, who was supposed to be heir to the throne was removed from Finland after his failed attempt to hold Emerald’s items hostage in exchange for the Kingship. Pancat then offered J1K his nation as a host for a new Empire, and then wrote a constitution for what would be known as The Greater Finnish Empire, with J1K as its Emperor.

In exchange for a peace settlement, True Russia officially recognized J1K as the true king of Finland, and good relations with them were restored. Pancat was then given the position of Foreign Affairs Minister, and helped secure Lapland and Tavastia as members of the Empire.

It is also around this time that Pancat founded the Restoration Party, a political party dedicated to the Reunification of all historically Finnish Towns and people to return Finland to its former glory.