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Profile Information
Aliases Prime, Cyber
Nation Lapland, Greater Finnish Empire
Town finnmark
Towny Rank Mayor
Occupation Mayor of finnmark, Minister of Economics for Greater Finnish Empire
Political Party Restoration Party
Religion N/A
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn September 18, 2021
Place of Spawn World Spawn
Physical Information
Nationality Serbian
Gender Female.png Female
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History

"To anyone reading this, go outside and feel the grass" - PrimeCyber

PrimeCyber is the Mayor of finnmark, Minister of Economics for The Greater Finnish Empire, and is apart of Lapland, or as some people like I like to call it, Bestland. She is a prominent figure around the region of Scandinavia.


Early History

PrimeCyber joined around 2019, the exact date is unknown, and much of the info in this era has been lost, however it is presumed she joined around the month of march, her former username was rageingbanana123, after joining, she joined a town in france, after that she made a town in the alps, and shortly after left, most likely due to boredom.

second time joining

After joining for the second time in september 18th, 2021, she went on to join the capital of Norge, Tr√łndelag, not much happened during her time in Tr√łndelag.

After collecting enough gold, she headed north towards the coast of finland, and made her second town, Finnmark.

After she left, shortly thereafter, HGKnetwork, the ruler of norge, had his town deleted due to a scam perpetrated by MapleVK. Essentially destroying norge in the process.

After this, she went on to look for a nearby nation to join, after looking at her options she chose Lapland.

"Lapland, best nation 10/10 Certified hood poggers" - PrimeCyber

Lapland Era

Shortly thereafter she applied for a government position, and became the secretary of homeland security.

After noticing AghastBlock mentioned Bergo and how he wanted to recruit them, i offered to help in the Bergo negotiations and its acquisition, and i had managed to cut down the offer from 300 gold to 150 gold, after that, AghastBlock complimented my negotiating skills, and even offered me the role of Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Nordic Federation, thereby starting my political career.

While i was getting gold for my nation, i decided to offer my skills as a builder for gold, and i hat met a client, who would soon become a great friend

After the bergo deal had been settled, and after the 150 gold were sent to Bergo, they had scammed us and declined to join our nation, after this we told EmeraldTip to give us back the money or war will start, they declined to recompensate us, and war had begun.

Lappo-finnish war

After we declared our war declaration, EmeraldTip declined the war declaration, and war was mostly carried in discord server through words (you could say this for most wars, but thats besides the point). after a nearly a month of nothing happening, and Bergo gaining ever more and more power, and getting ever more and more gold, she had decided to leave the server on a 1 month hiatus, and she had gotten sick of earthMC at the time, the long 200 player, and the general toxicity.

I dont know the exact details about what happened during my month away, so the details here will be a bit spotty.

After she left, finland and lapland had merged to form The greater Finnish empire, with most of the towns from old finland joining suomi, and J1K becoming leader of suomi, with jyvaskala staying in finland, with the past leader of finland, Emerald_tip. Shortly thereafter, NotDumber had betrayed Bergo and taken the gold from Bergo, she is currently in hiding in siberia.

One month later

After the unification, Pancat had offered an opportunity to come back as minister of economics, after re-establishing her contacts, her first move as minister of economics was to impletent an NIT (Negative income tax) to bolster the nations towns.