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Red Fox is a multinational manufacturer and retailer of building and decoration supplies with headquarters in São Paulo, an Urbs Antiqua and the largest city in Brazil. It was founded on December 20, 2018 by Brazilian diplomat and businessman Aettos.

The company has branches in the busiest and most famous cities around the world, always looking for as many customers as possible. The standard size of a store is 1 embassy plot, except in São Paulo, where the building occupies 4 plots.

Initially, the company was expected to have a visual identity that would allow it to be quickly recognized anywhere in the world, but that did not happen because of the demands some cities made to keep the building similar to the others around it. Now, Red Fox stores can be identified by two flags at the front door: a Brazilian one, and another one from the country where it is located.

All the company's stores around the world sell the same products at the same prices, but stocks are filled according to the demand of each region (fastest selling stores have higher priority).


The company's headquarters

Lagos (Kingdom of Oyo): 1 active store.

Lyon (France): 1 active store.

Varna (Bulgaria): 1 active store.

Nashik (Hindustan): 1 store under construction.

Brasilia (Brazil): 1 store under construction.


32x Block of Lapis Lazuli: 2G

64x Block of Redstone: 1G

A store in Varna (Bulgaria)

64x Block of Stone Brick: 1G

64x Block of Polished Andesite: 1G

64x Block of Polished Diorite: 1G

64x Block of Polished Granite: 1G

64x Light Gray Concrete Powder: 2G

64x Block of Glass: 1G

32x Block of Iron: 3G

A store in Lyon (France)

64x Block of Red Sandstone: 1G

64x Block of Brown Terracotta: 1G