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Rexburg was a town in North America that was founded by antxasil on December 4th, 2021. It was the headquarters of the Mormon extremist group "Mormonic State of Idaho and Utah," also known as MSIU or MS. Members of the town were called Rexburgers.

Blockade (and war with Cascadia)

The International Blockade of Rexburg occurred on December 5th, 2021 after a futile attempt by OriginalDogster to recover his armor stolen by antxasil. Originally only with Cascadians attending, other Canadians from Columbia and Keewatin soon arrived. During this early stage the Beepbop Theatre was built by FroyourFilms and Xyyz0, with the purpose of viewing the spectacle. Though at first primarily lighthearted in nature (Rexburg was chosen by DixieDamelioStan to host the Hindu Festival), things changed when the ever-serious Cascadia stepped in on OriginalDogster's behalf, also claiming that Rexburg was situated in their territory despite the land being previously unclaimed. This conflict ultimately escalated into the Siege Of Rexburg, culminating with Cascadia declaring war on Rexburg and the MSIU.

Restaurant War

During the latter portions of the Occupation of Rexburg, DixieDamelioStan got an embassy plot and made an Indian restaurant. Soon after Mr_One_Punch made an American restaurant in a wilderness chunk just outside of Rexburg claims. They both advertised their restaurants in chat but Mr_One_Punch was killed, losing the food. Soon the restaurant was looted of a telescope by Dubsr818


Government was divided into three roles, chosen by Mormon Allah Himself:

  • President: Political leader. The President was antxasil.
  • Minister of Trollhad: Was in charge of overseeing tactical trolling operations against MS's enemies. The Minister was ainsleyisgod.
  • Prophet, Seer, and Revelator: Spiritual leader and God's mouthpiece on EarthMC. The Prophet was chaleb27.
the Indian Restaurant
the American Restaurant in it's infancy


  • Town Hall (proudly made from dirt)
Rexburg's townhall, encased in glass
  • Beepbop Theatre
Beepbob Theatre
  • Indian Restaurant
  • American Restaurant
  • Warehouse

Notable Rexburgers

  • antxasil
  • rcvq
  • Moyashiro__
  • ainsleyisgod
  • chaleb27