Skirmish of Pursat

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The Skirmish of Pursat was a skirmish during The Kampuchean War between Kampuchea and Siam, just outside of the Kampuchean town of Pursat. The skirmish was declared a victory by both sides.


At 11 AM, a Siamese soldier known as Lumpoon approached the edges of Pursat. Kampuchean forces were quickly alerted of the advance toward their town.

The Battle

Not much fighting took part in the first half of the battle, Lumpoon was attempting to attack the Kampuchean's whilst they planned their defence of the Skirmish

More combat was seen in the second half of the battle. Lumpoons horse was killed and his shield was broken by the Kampucheans. Soon after, SpeedbirdFPV dropped his sword and bow and the items were captured by Lumpoon.

Due to low durability on Lumpoons armour, he left the area.

The Aftermath

Both sides claimed victory in the battle with the Kampucheans claiming that killing Lumpoons horse was enough to sway the battle in their favour meanwhile Siam claims that despite losing one of their many horses, capturing a sword and bow was enough to claim victory in the battle.

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