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History of the Nation

Year Zero: The Great Socialist Revolution named April 17 


Democratic Kampuchea

1200px-Flag of Democratic Kampuchea.svg.png

File:Banner of the Communist Party of Kampuchea.svg

Coat of Arms
File:Emblem of Democratic Kampuchea 1975–1979.svg
National Information
Full Name កម្ពុជាប្រជាធិបតេយ្ / Democratic Kampuchea
Towny Name
/n list
National Anthem Anthem : Glorious Seventeenth of April

Motto រស់បានយូរបដិវត្ត ! / Vive la Révolution !
Capital City Phnom Penh
Largest City Phnom Penh
Oldest City Phnom Penh
Government Information
Political System Kampuchea Emblem.png Soviet Republic (Equalitarism - Communism)
Economic System Communism.jpg Communism Planned Economy (Communism)
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information

Backstory (Pre-revolutionary period)

On October 5th, 2019, Siamese and Vietnamese forces declared war on Cambodia. The Khmer people fought fiercely for their independence, but they were betrayed by the reactionary government, having begun negotiations on surrender. As a result, Cambodia was defeated and annexed by Vietnamese and Siamese imperialists.

Revolution and Re-Founding of the Nation

On April 15th, 2020, was re-founded a Phnom Penh. And on April 17th, has began new history of Kampuchean people. Revolution has come true and was proclamated Democratic Kampuchea.

War for Independence

Siamese Invasion

(For more information, see The Kampuchean War)

On May 1st town Pursat became part of New, Revolutionary Kampuchea. But Siam it didn't leave, on May 2nd, an ultimatum was sent to the people's government to return the Pursat to Siam, resign and submit to Vietnam. In Kampuchea, a vote was taken on the declaraction of independenc, the people voted unanimously "Yes". The government rejected the ultimatum and in response to May 3rd, Siam declared war, they not want than in Indochina was anything Socialist Republic. The War for Independence had begun!

About Nation

Democratic Kampuchea - communist state of workers and peasants, and our party, Communist Party of Kampuchea, is the Vanguard of the Revolution!

State symbols


  • Name: ទង់បដិវត្តិ (Revolution Flag)
  • Design: red field, an Angkor Wat in yellow in the center

Symbolism: Red represents revolution and blood and the Angkor Wat stands for state of the people, workers and peasants.

National Emblem

The National Emblem depicts a network of dams and canals that symbolize modern agriculture, and a plant that symbolizes industry. These images are framed by a wreath of rice ears with the inscription “Democratic Kampuchea” at the bottom.


Ruling party in Democratic Kampuchea is the Communist Party of Kampuchea or CPK. It sets the task of building a Communist State, full equality and democracy, and is part of the union "International Equalitarist".

Towns and Villages

Cities, towns, villages, hamlets - all these terms are outdated and emphatize inequality, Democratic Kampuchea follows the path of Equalitarism and therefore it uses the word "Commune" so that this injustice does not exist between cities and villages.


In Democratic Kampuchea, there is no separate army and people; there is a single armed people. Official Armed Forces in DK is the Revolutionary Army of Kampuchea (Khm:កងទ័ពបដិវត្តន៍កម្ពុជា) or RAK.