Skirmish of Phnom Penh

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Skirmish of Phnom Penh was a skirmish during The Kampuchean War between Kampuchea and Commonwealth forces, just outside of the Kampuchean capital of Phnom Penh. The skirmish was declared a Commonwealth victory by the Commonwealth but neither side took no causalities except for a horse on the Commonwealth side.


At midday of the 30th of May 2020, Fluxify I realized Computer_x64 was online and he demanded he fight Siam. Siamese and British forces marched over to Phnom Penh hoping to see combat with Computer_x64.

Upon arrival, Computer_x64 was nowhere to be found. He eventually revealed himself and began to attack a horse that one of the Siamese soldiers was riding, killing it in the process.

Commonwealth forces attempted to get Computer_x64 out of his town but were unsuccessful. Computer_x64 teleported to Korea for a while in the middle of the confrontation.

The Aftermath

Commonwealth forces claimed victory in the Skirmish due to Computer_x64 not leaving his town to fight off the Commonwealth forces. Kampuchea is yet to say anything about the result of the battle.

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