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Fluxeeh I
In office
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In office
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Profile Information
Aliases Fluxeeh, Sexeeh, Flux, iFluxify
Nation Terra Aurora
EgyptFlag.jpeg Egypt
Terra Nova
IndochinaFlag.png Indochina
Town Terra Aurora
NileCompanyFlag.png Nile
Terra Nova
Bangkok.png Bangkok
Towny Rank
Occupation Terra Aurora
King Father of Egypt
Owner of the Nile Company
Terra Nova
King of Indochina
Political Party
Religion Terra Aurora
Terra Nova
Discord fluxeeh
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 14th November 2018
Place of Spawn Kazakhstan
Physical Information
Nationality Britainflag.png British
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Zodiac Leo
Height 183cm
Weight 75kg
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
Terra Aurora
EgyptFlag.jpeg Egypt (May 2022 - August 2022)
EgyptFlag.jpeg Egypt (February 2023 - Present)

Terra Nova
Thailand-flag-small.png Siam (December 2018 - May 2019)
Flag of Byzantine.png Byzantium (May 2019 - August 2019)
Thailand-flag-small.png Siam (August 2019 - July 2020)
IndochinaFlag.png Indochina (July 2020 - Present)

Fluxeeh, formerly known as iFluxify, is a current member of the Egyptian royal family and was the first King of Egypt on the Terra Aurora server, the first King of Siam, and a founder of Indochina on the Terra Nova server.

Terra Aurora history

Reign over Egypt

With the release of Terra Aurora beta, Fluxeeh established Cairo on 2 May 2022 met with resistance from the Ancient Egyptians who also planned to form an Egyptian nation which led to the Suez Crisis which ended in victory for Fluxeeh's Egypt due to the nation was created on 3 May. The beta week for Aurora was a productive period, mining over 6,000 gold in just that week.

Shortly after the public release of Terra Aurora, Egypt began to grow and towns were being created in what was considered, Egyptian core claims. However, the nation and Fluxeeh began to stagnate the weeks following the release due to lack of motivation and burnout. This was apparent in the ongoing border dispute with Israel over the Sinai peninsula, where Egypt created towns in the Sinai to solidify their claim against Israel, despite this, many of them collapsed due to lack of activity which resulted in a devastating defeat in the Sinai and Israeli towns becoming larger in that region, consolidating their claims over Egypt. This situation also resulted in Israeli towns being created all over Egypt, most importantly areas like Alexandria.

Abdication in favor of Lumpeeh

With the horrific loss in Sinai against the Israelis, decline in population and towns, and the lack of motivation from Fluxeeh himself, he abdicated in favor of Lumpeeh on 20 August 2022. This came as a shock but is what seemed necessary to Fluxeeh as he mentioned that Lumpeeh will "make the nation flourish and thrive like it was supposed to".

King of Chad

After his abdication, Fluxeeh took a step back from the server as a whole, staying inactive until the eventual beginning of the Chadian-Egyptian War in February 2023. During the beginning stages of the war, Fluxeeh created a town not far from the Capital of Chad named Egyptian Chad as a response to the Chadian towns in Egyptian territory and was promptly established as the King of Chad, despite still being apart of Egypt.

The war ended with a peace treaty in March but Egyptian Chad continued existence until May 2023.

Establishment of the Nile Restoration Project

With the goal of making a return to the server, Fluxeeh wished to create a new town closer to home and established the town of Nile on 2 May 2023, just south of Cairo, the first town he created on Terra Aurora. He also established the Nile Restoration Project which aimed to claim the River Nile and restore the natural integrity of the river and the surrounding area. The town quickly grew to 256 chunks but the progress of the project was hindered by a large number of chunks being reported, removed and refunded for claim blocking by an unknown individual despite the town not blocking any towns nearby.

Creation of the Nile Company

On 30 November 2023, Fluxeeh created the Nile Company, a business looking to continue the development of the Nile Restoration Project and also market resources from the Nile. The Nile Company created a shop in the Egyptian Capital of Cairo to sell their products to a larger market.

Fifth Egyptian Election Candidacy

The fifth Egyptian elections were announced on 29 November 2023, Fluxeeh originally decided to register to vote but after seeing the lack of candidates for Prime Minister, he wanted to make a change in Egyptian politics and revive the nation before the release of the overclaim plugin in January 2024. Therefore, he registered himself as a candidate, pushing for the revival of the Egyptian nation during this era of decline.

Prime Minister of Egypt

The fifth Egyptian election was concluded on 5 December 2023, with Fluxeeh becoming Prime Minister of Egypt, receiving 56.3% of the total votes winning against Caroleeh. During his two months as Prime Minister, he regained former territory in the Sinai peninsula for Egypt, led the nation through the beginning of Overclaim Era, held a national recruitment competition, and increased the population of the nation.

Further development of Nile

From December 2023, Fluxeeh began further developing Nile, the Al-Eeh Pavillion, the Nile Railway station, and the Nile Markets were all constructed with plans to further develop the residential district and construction of a great pyramid.

Sixth Egyptian Election

Hungry for achieving further greatness for Egypt, Fluxeeh ran once again to retain his position as Prime Minister in the sixth Egyptian elections, focusing on policies such as the growing threat of Venice, infrastructure projects, boosting the surplus of gold, expanding the military stockpiles around the nation, and creating a new parliament building in Cairo. He posted his election campaign quickly after the election was announced hoping to get the Egyptian people on his side early.

When results day came on 3 February, it was made public that Caroleeh had won the election, the runner-up against Fluxeeh in the fifth Egyptian elections. He congratulated her on winning the election and posted his farewell for now speech, announcing he will be running in the seventh Egyptian election. In the meantime, he focused on building more of Nile.

Acting Regent of Egypt

In the aftermath of the 2024 Egyptian Parliament Crisis, Fluxeeh was announced as the Acting Regent on behalf of the temporary government on 2 March, replacing former Prime Minister Caroleeh, who was removed by Lumpeeh after the crisis had erupted. This meant that Fluxeeh was in charge of leading Egypt in the absence of Lumpeeh, who later returned to his royal duties on 18 March.

Seventh Egyptian Election

As promised in the previous election, Fluxeeh again put his candidacy for Prime Minister forward. He posted his campaign on 29 March 2024 which focused on building a better future for Egypt. During his time as Acting Regent, he created a strong government which he promised to continue, greater co-operation with Egypt's allies in the Mediterranean, more national events just like IEM Nile, and expansion of the nations gold reserves.

Second Term as Prime Minister

It was revealed on 4 April that Fluxeeh emerged as the candidate with the most votes during the seventh Egyptian election, gaining 66.7% of the total votes. Soon after he published a statement which gave commiserations to the other candidates announced the government had been created.

Champion of IEM Nile Season 1

On 11 April 2024, Fluxeeh had won IEM Nile Season 1 in his home town of Nile with a 3-2 victory over Lumpeeh in the Grand Final. He won 200 gold, with half of the gold being donated to Egyptian towns in need.

Terra Nova history

Beginning of his Reign

Fluxeeh became King on the 15 November 2018 as the nation was planned by himself and Augusta Florene, known at the time as Byzantine Thailand. He appointed Jump_Fox to be the Chief of the Royal Thai Army.

The nation was created on 2 December, 2018, by Fluxeeh. The next day he would approach Malaysia with plans on discussing the border between the two nations, a disagreement ensued causing tension between the two nations. Fluxeeh escalated the situation by forming the town of Hat Yai just South of the border proposed by Malaysia, this was further escalated when Malaysia claim blocked the city and sent troops down there to patrol the area. Fluxeeh went down to the town and was attacked unarmed and was attacked and said "This is how Malaysia treats peaceful protests against them."

Vietnam had collapsed and Fluxeeh decided it would be best to annex the territory and split it up into fair and equal regions which he did so. He then announced a plan to connect up all the towns with paths and then in the future railroads. However some towns wanted to re-create Vietnam which was accepted by Siam and the plan was fixed to match the borders of the two nations.

Fluxeeh involved himself and Siam in many overseas wars during his first reign such as the Byzantine-Albanian War and The Great Balkan War. He also fought in wars closer to home such as the Siamese-Khmer War.

Fluxeeh was praised for his efforts of de-escalating the Hainan Crisis. Qin sought to re-annex Hainan after they had left and Fluxeeh stepped in to solve the situation between both parties.


On the May 27, 2019, Fluxeeh announced his abdication, replacing him was Raj Prasong II. Fluxeeh stated that he had no time to focus on the nation anymore and was happy to keep the nation going under a new leadership. He then moved to Byzantium shortly after his abdication.

Return to the Siamese throne

Fluxeeh returned to Siam after several months of decline in activity and power and brought the nation back to greatness. Siam was included in many wars which helped consolidate them as the dominant power in Indochina.

King of Indochina

On July 4th, 2020, Indochina was formed as a union between Siam and Vietnam, putting him on the throne of Indochina along with TheEarlOfSkeen in a diarchic constitutional monarchy system. The diarchic system lasted until September when TheEarlOfSkeen fled the nation due to investigations of bribery and corruption which made Fluxeeh the sole King of Indochina.


During Terra Nova

During Terra Aurora