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Krung Thep
Town Information
Full Name
Economic System Gold Icon.png Mixed Economy
Official Language Thailand-flag-small.png Thai
Englishflag.jpg English
Official Religion Template:Religion
Government Information
Mayor Fluxeeh
Political System Crown.png Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Historical Information
Past Nations Siam
Past Mayors Raj Prasong Rama II
Past Councillors

Bangkok (UK: /bæŋˈkɒk/, US: /ˈbæŋkɒk/) is the capital city of Indochina. It is known in Thai as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (กรุงเทพมหานคร, pronounced [krūŋ tʰêːp mahǎː nákʰɔ̄ːn] or simply Krung Thep. The Chao Phraya River runs through Bangkok and then empties into the Gulf of Siam, where the town is next to.


Founding of Bangkok

Bangkok was founded by Emperor Fluxify and Field Marshal Fox, the town of Bangkok was formed on November 15th, 2018 with Fluxify becoming the first mayor of the newly established town. During this time, Fox went on a mission to Byzantium and met with the Augusta Florene to discuss the possibility of colony in Asia for the Byzantine Empire, she agreed which created the Byzantine Colony of Bangkok.

The Arrival of Augusta Florene to Bangkok

On the 15th of November, Augustus Florene arrived in the Port of Bangkok from Manila and was greeted by the people. She came presenting gifts for the locals for welcoming her.

The First Military Operation

On the 16th of November, citizens of Bangkok accused BiscuitLee and SuperWilly, who were residents of Willyburbia, of stealing cows and wheat. Fox proceeded to sail to WillyBurbia and ransack the island in front of them which they did nothing about.

Work towards the Chumphon Canal

On the 18th of November, after Bangkok was quite built up, the Chumphon Canal was constructed by officials from Bangkok and officially became a town in Siam on the 18th of November, 2018. The canal connects the Gulf of Thailand to the Bay of Bengal, this cuts time a lot and saves time going around all of Malaysia. This opened up many good opportunities for traders to trade with Siamese citizens.

Bangkok Wall Construction

In December, it was announced by Fluxify that a wall would be constructed around Bangkok which would protect the city from potential threats and make the citizens feel more safe.

Grand Palace Construction

Grand Palace in Bangkok.

In March 2019, the castle was being demolished and plans for a replica of the Grand Palace in Bangkok were made by Raj Prasong. In April, the Grand Palace was completed, it is now seen as one of the Great Wonders in Indochina.

National Assembly Construction

Siam was in need of a building for the Parliament and other parts of Government so the National Assembly began construction in early 2020.


Fluxeeh wanted the capital to be bigger and look nicer so Bangkok removed the town wall, began expanding roads and making homes for new citizens. New attractions were built such as the Bangkok Stadium and Democracy Monument. There are also plans to make a new shopping district in the city which will have many shops and offer many products for consumers, which will bring more attention to Indochina.


  • Bangkok Stadium
    The Grand Palace
  • National Assembly
  • Indochinese Army Headquarters
  • KokMart
  • Bangkok Stadium
  • HIMS Saiburi
  • Democracy Monument
  • Wat Chai Temple
  • Accordo Gardens