Skirmish of Zanzibar

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The Skirmish of Zanzibar took place from the 30th April 2021 to the 1st May 2021. It had 376 deaths and major damage, a major amount of grief by stone569s' side.

zandibarian rebels


legendatlife had been walking around the coast of Africa, until he saw an island, Zanzibar, nearby. During his approach, VarJuice, the leader of a town with the same name of the island located there, and Pirate_Ron would start shooting arrows at MercuryVenus, who would soon leave and ask them why later. MercuryVenus would receive a response that detailed Katangese relations with Tanzania, which had recently become extremely hostile. In an interview at a later date, MercuryVenus would allege that the Katangese had requested he assassinate 13px, Tanzanian leader, to which he agreed.

After this, MercuryVenus would attempt to carry out the deed, prior to being able to. As he approached 13px to kill him, 13px would convince him not to, using gifts of gear. The two would then discuss Katangese-Tanzanian relations, in which MercuryVenus then decided that he agreed with 13px more than the Katangese. MercuryVenus would encourage 13px to attack Zanzibar, to which he agreed. During the attack, 13px would leave after being bored, saying that he intended to return later.

MercuryVenus would soon disconnect, and, when joining back, 13px would question his rationale for disconnecting. 13px branded this as a suspicious decision, deciding to attempt to trap MercuryVenus, which failed. Despite the failed trap attempt by the Tanzanians, MercuryVenus decided to continue with the attack.


Initial grief

MercuryVenus would sail to Zanzibar, starting to grief the area around it. Inititally, Pirate_Ron didn't notice it and did little to stop it, until noticing it and turning on pvp, starting to attack MercuryVenus. Both would have similar diamond gear, and the one on one would continue for a few minutes, whilst MercuryVenus continued griefing. MercuryVenus's armor did not have any enchants but he was skilled enough at pvp to chase away Pirate_Ron.

Arrival of Pmsch10

During the battle, Pirate_Ron had called for further defence, with Nubian Minister of Defence pmsch10 arriving in a full god netherite set. As a result of this, MercuryVenus attempted to tower up the sides of the base whilst still trying to grief the area. Due to being up, the battle began using mainly bows to attempt to deal damage, with MercuryVenus occasionally retreating to the town of Beccc. After the 45 minutes in which the battle had developed since the arrival of StarKiller1744, bigdale69_ would arrive and help. With this, MercuryVenus would fully retreat, logging off.


Hours after this, MercuryVenus would return, in which another battle would start involving StarKiller1744 and Pirate_Ron from the previous battle and VarJuice. Fighting would ensue until the death of MercuryVenus, resulting in a Nubian-Katangese victory.