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The royal emblem of Wintershold.

Wintershold, formerly known as the Castle of Wintershold, now known as Mochold is a town as well as a royal dynasty encompassing the mountainous peaks of Pingualuit National Park in Northern Canada. Wintershold is today a part of the new nation of Acadia, and formerly a part of Nunavik and Coats (Aurora). Wintershold borders in the west to the town of Königsberg. Wintershold was established in October of 2022 by Agraem, followed shortly after by Jamzery, later claiming the position as Treasurer. Founded upon what is believed to be one of the highest elevated peaks of Aurora, Wintershold as of early December, consist only of the citadel, towers and subsequent halls and chambers, a part of the castle grounds. Plans for the urbanization of Wintershold are underway but has not yet been conceptualized. Wintershold is connected by a underground ice-highway link, connecting the town of Konigsberg, New Amsterdam and Scalford.

The town was sold in March 2023 when its owner Agraem moved to create the shortly-lived town of New Venice south of Detroit.

Governing structure

The Castle Garden at the Citadel

Wintershold is governed by the Wintershold Council, which consists of several positions most important of which are the Lord, Treasurer and Commander of the Watch. The Treasurer's task is to maintain the inventory of the Royal Treasury as well as the dynasty's gold holdings. The Treasurer maintains a good eye on the financial affairs of Wintershold as well as making sure there are sufficient building resources for new projects. The Commander of the Watch's tasks include maintaining order and peace within the proximity of the castle and its sorrounding districts.

The Citadel

The Citadel seen from the Dark Forest.

The Citadel is the core fortified area of what is known as the Castle of Wintershold. It is the primary residence of the Lord of Wintershold and the council. It is also the administrative and authoritative headquarters of the royal dynasty. The Citadel consists currently of the Citadel Tower, the Castle West Wing, Castle East Wing, Citadel Hall, Castle Garden, Council's Chambers and the Council Room. The Citadel is built in a mix of architectural styles, from a influence of gothic and romanesque styles with a heavy emphasis on the use of deepslate materials and blackstone, giving the citadel a dark presence and appearence. The Citadel is only partially complete, with the bridge over to the unfinished Great Hall as well as the northeastern corridors being under construction.