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RoseBrugs, or more commonly known as Rose, is a well-known EMC Towny and Factions player. As a known Accordist, she has risen through the ranks of the British Parliament to become the Prime Minister in March of 2021. She is currently the owner of the newly-upgraded EMC Factions server, as well as an EMC Towny Mod, and a Founding Member of the Justice League. She is now the ruler of Wales.

EMC Factions

Early Factions

Starting near the end of 2019, Rose began her career in Factions in the middle of Russia. With big aspirations, she walked across the continent until she reached the Italian Peninsula and founded the faction RomeEmpire.

Over the next 5-6 months, the faction grew with more and more players, and Rose acquired more enemies. One of which was the infamous player GG0VI, known as MineTurtle on Factions. Lots of killing went back and forth with Rose being the ultimate victor. However, her arguable nemesis was SilentQuiver. After constantly killing Rose at the beginning of her time on Factions, she turned the tables on him when Gulag raided Summerset, as she spawn-killed him to the point of leaving the server.

The Olympian Era

In April of 2020, a new era in EMC Factions began when the expanding RomeEmpire merged with their current allies, NewQuebec and Egypt, to create Olympia. New allies included Summerset and Gulag. Together they fought against common enemies such as the French, the Alliance, and the player KavalSkipo.

Olympia continued to grow until it reached the max capacity of players, 50. It was world power, holding much influence on Factions. Famous PvPers such as Snowyy and Casper were counted among Olympia's ranks.

Rose along with Takii began to participate in MCMMO grinding, continuing their practice into the present day. Rose's achievements included archery, taming, and swords.

In the latter half of April and early May, Rose gradually moved her main Factions residence to the Nether. At the same time, she met her future companion, FutureLemon, a player from Summerset, an Accordist on EMC Towny, and a member of the British Royal Family. The two formed a strong bond that would last until the present day.

It was this Spring that the compass was removed from the EMC Hub by server owner Fix, leading the slow downfall of Factions. Players began leaving in droves, several moving to Towny, including Rose and Takii. However, before leaving for good, she and Lemon spawned Withers in their own base to destroy it, so as not to give their enemies the pleasure of doing so. And so, with great sorrow, Factions died in May of 2020.

EMC Towny

Rose had also joined the Towny server in November of 2019, but was not truly active, focusing most of her time on the growth of her factions. She had, however, joined the nation of Niger and the town of Zaragoza since her fellow Olympian Casper asked her to do so.

Nevertheless, when Factions began dying down, she began to devote more time to building her Towny reputation. Luckily for her, an experienced and influential Towny player took her under his wing, FutureLemon. As such, on the 5th of May, 2020, Lemon invited Rose to his then-town, Wales. A short while after, she was invited to join the Accordo Party.

Towny was a very different environment to what Rose was accustomed to on Factions. For one, there were much more people there than on Factions. The toxicity level also drastically increased. A bit overwhelmed, she stuck with her good friend Takii, who also joined Britain and was given the town Asgardia in Norwegian lands in June 2020.

Rose's then-friend Highlander announced early that summer that he would be quitting EMC and wished Rose to take over his nation, Bactria. As such, she left Britain and joined the nation along with Takii, cycling the leadership between her, Highlander, and Takii for a little while.

That June, Rose applied for EMC Mod, and received her message of acceptance of the 5th of July, which changed everything.

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