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King of Great Southern, Mayor of Emu Point, and Builder, and Ass Pope of Donkeyism


Started in early 2019 and joined Bactria and hopped from place to place until he ended up in France, after owning the town of Orleans for a few months he left France he bought Cape Verde and then a few months later sold it and made the nation of Great Southern.

March 2019 - Mid 2020

He first joined the town of Far Alexandria and built there for a while and left after a bit and joined New York. After that he joined Chicago and helped build stuff there, not long after in late 2019 he joined Madagascar. A bit later he left and was killed in Siberia.

Mid 2020 - Today


He joined a town during the 2nd French civil war and was given Montlucon (Berry) stayed there for about 6-7 months until he left just before Francia revolted from France

Cape Verde and Great Southern

He sold Montlucon and bought Cape Verde. He then formed the West African Kingdom with Senegal in defense against Caesarea. shortly after the conflict he left and went with most of his mayors to Australia and formed great southern after forming the town of Emu Point.