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Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 22th Feb 2023
Place of Spawn Middle of Russia
Physical Information
Gender Male.png Male
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Status Active
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Nation History


Early History

First Time on the server

Przemko2008 has first joined the server on 22 of February 2023 to test it out, and returned on 13 of July 2023. He was trying to make a town together with his friend Modestas345 in Greenland. Przemko2008 had spawned in the middle of Russia and had begin on his adventure to the other side of the map. When he was going there he came across many abandoned bases, but when he saw how much free space there was in Greenland, he came there to make a town. On July 14, 2023 Przemko2008 founded a Family [1] named Jiyuu (Which means Freedom in japanese).

Town Arc (July 16, 2023 - January 12, 2024)

First Town, Singapore

After he couldn't find any gold ores, he joined a town named Singapore where the capital of Indochina [2] is located. After his friend Modestas345 died in lava while they were in the Nether, Modestas345 spawned back in the middle of Russia. Right after that Przemko2008 joined Singapore and Modestas345 recognized that as betrayal, and thats why Przemko2008 and Modestas345 split in order to make there own towns. After opening a gold crate he was lucky enough to get a stack of golden ingots. With made him leave Singapore.

Second Town, Ittorisseq

After he returned to Greenland he made the town of Ittorisseq, which till now is a underground town. Some days later, Ittorisseq joined a nation named Arctic. Przemko2008 and his friend Modestas345 have planned to play in the Premier League or the Bundesliga and also have the idea of making there own League. A week later, Modestas345 began the making of the stadium. After 8 hours of work, a large size mountain has been destroyed. In the place where the mountain once stood, a football field was being constructed. Several months after going offline, the town vanished from history, leaving only some structures behind.

The Return

After a long time, on 1st of November 2023. After seeing his abandoned town, Przemko2008 packed most useful things and swam east in a boat. Unknown to him, he died in the midst of his journey. The reason Przemko2008 joined Isaac Hills was for him to be closer to the place where he wanted to build his new town and to be protected by Isaac Hills.

The Journey

On January 12th, 2024. Przemko2008 began a new journey as a Vagabond, so that he could see the most of the world. The most important part of his journey is to find a new philosophy for his understanding of the MC world. His first journey is to climb the great Mountain, Everest. After a walk of about 2 kilometers, Przemko2008 fell into a trap and died. Restarting his journey back in the middle of Russia with nothing. After his death, Przemko2008 was going to create his own new town, around where he first spawned. As for the journey to Everest, Przemko2008 promised himself to continue his journey once his town is established. Przemko2008 found himself some old ruins, which he wanted to repair and rebuild. On the next day Przemko2008 found a player at the ruins, so he logged off for a few hours. When he returned he packed some things and starting going north to a different place, which was harder to find.

Brazil Arc (15 May, 2024)

New Friend

Przemko2008 joined back on the server with a friend of his, named Meneer_Mees. Now both of them want to create a town, a town of peace and harmony. Przemko2008 & Meneer_Mees travelled to the regions of Brazil to established their town. After one day of collecting gold they were ~20 golden ingots short, but Przemko2008 realized he had 27 golden ingots in his ender chest, which he forgot about. Now that they had enough gold, Meneer_Mees established the town of Melonlandia, which lays at the eastern coast of Brazil. Most of the buildings have been taken over from a town which existed before Melonlandia.


Przemko2008 & Meneer_Mees established a political party called 'Communist Party of Melonlandia', which is in power of the town. Przemko2008 is the 2nd Commander of the political party. Przemko2008 left the political party to join the anti-communist movement established by Modestas345. Przemko2008 has joined the army of Melonlandia becoming a Private. Przemko2008 has committed treason against the Supreme Leader by murdering him and stealing his items. He has been said to executed, but he escaped to the holy city of Jerusalem. He is now planning to accompany Modestas345 & Irexparrot to a new town.


Przemko2008 has been a member of these towns:

- Singapore

- Ittorisseq [3]

- Isaac Hills [4]

- Melonlandia [5]