Battle of Kraftier

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The Battle of Kraftier is a battle that occurred between Anti-Kraftier and Pro-Kraftier forces. This is the largest battle to occur in the Ethiopian war of Independence. This battle would help make Kobikraft infamous and launch his town of Kraftier into the EarthMC spot light.

Before the battle

Kraftier Slander

Kobikraft had made himself notorious in Nubia and other parts of EarthMC by his "immaturity and childish behavior". This notoriety would cause large arguments in chat between him and the other players of EarthMC. Kobikraft had earlier got into a fight Taffy of Ohio, with insults being thrown back and forth. This would grow larger with more and more people joining in.

Ethiopia Nation Spawn Opening

JackJackson would log on to see the chat slandering kobiKraft and Kraftier. He decided to open the Ethiopian Nation Spawn and Advertise, "/n spawn Ethiopia! Follow the signs to Kraftier." After adverting this he created a trail of signs that leads towards Kraftier. This caused a large flood of players spawning at Ethiopia to head over to Kraftier to attack it. Coolgamer127, being one of the most vocal in chat about Kraftier, raised an army in Ethiopia and ran west into Kraftier in order to kill kobiKraft.

The battle

After the arrival of Coolgamer127 and many others including UghBraces, the battle quickly descending into chaos. The objective of killing kobiKraft and his allies was still up held but many started to turn on each other killing at random. And soon after the start of the battle it had turned into a free for all with every man for themselves. Yet the Pro-Kraftier side was continually attacked and killed. The battle would rage for an hour before kobiKraft gave up and logged off, leading many people to leave, ending the battle.


The outcome was a decisive Anti Kraftier victory. With Coolgamer127 and many others calling victory when kobiKraft said he was too outnumbered to fight. The battle help Kobikraft rise to postion of being infamous in the server and launch his town of Kraftier even more into the EarthMC spot light.