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Brazil Nation is a Nation located in South America, being the largest nation in population many months and being on the top 10 nations of Earthmc for more than a 14 months.Template:Infobox nationThe most widely spoken and official languages are Portuguese and English. Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Brazil borders almost all nations in South America and covers all of the continent's land area. It is also the oldest existing nation in the Americas and one of the 12 oldest nations on Earthmc.


Historical Governments:

  1. Current Government (January 8, 2022 - now)
  2. Reformed Presidential Republic (September 18, 2021 - January 8, 2022)
  3. v_Rodo’s Representative Democracy (January 20, 2021 - September 18, 2021)
  4. Xingu Direct Democracy (October 28, 2020 - January 20, 2021)
  5. The Founding of New Brazil: reunited (October 27, 2020)
  6. Kingdom of Independence and restauration (May 2020 - August 2020)
  7. Californian Colonization Of Brazil: age of humiliation (March 2020 - May 2020)
  8. Ketchoop’s Brazil Kingdom: first attempt of rising (February 12, 2020 - March 2020)
  9. The Time of Many Kings - The Lost Era (Mid 2019 - February 12, 2020)
  10. Second Civil war Chaos: divided nation into pieces (April 4, 2019 - Mid 2019)
  11. The Second Empire (April 1, 2019 - April 4, 2019)
  12. First Civil War Chaos: irreparable physical damages were not 100% fixed even in 2022 - (January 14, 2019 - Mid 2019)
  13. Federal Republic of Brazil (Mid December 2018)
  14. The First Brazilian Empire (Early December 2018)
  15. Brazilian Colonial Era (Late October - November 9, 2018)

Current Government

Regency of Prince 98pm

Following the complete immediate dissolution of Brazil’s Legislative and Judiciary branches, the government was reduced to its Executive branch, the Council of Ministers. This has been kept frozen since the declaration of the new Empire, to make executive decisions and advice the King and Prince. The intention is for this to remain until a new constitution has been written. As of mid-March, 2022, this does not seem to be going ahead. Polls and Proposals have become useless, now going unacknowledged and unimplemented. Despite this, the strength and solids of the Brazilian community has led to an unorganised but stable and peaceful period, where politics are discussed without any special role and projects go ahead without official clearance or any state-organised initiative. The current situation is best described as an ‘Anarchic’ Union of Autonomous Towns, officially headed by a Prince Regent and his Royal Court.


The current Constitution is a summarisation of the rules laid out by the Polls. It was written by Olivio90 and chosen on the 29th of November, 2020. It was reformed by v_Rodo to conform with the new system. Many Polls can and are considered extensions of the Constitution, though they are not added to it. A good example is Poll 180, which re-defined the role of the Speaker, or Poll 164 and its continuation, Poll 187, which created sub-divisions and states of Brazil.

The current Constitution can be read here:


Brazil currently borders Venezuela to the North, Inca, Amazonas and Paraguay to the West, the Ocean to the East, and Argentina and Uruguay to the South. The entire coast is covered by stony hills and forests and there are some sandy beaches, it borders a warm Sea, the South Atlantic. The northwest and west of the nation are made up of dense jungle while the northeast and southwest region are covered by semiarid deserts, scrublands and savannas rich in red sand and there are noticeably large areas of Podzol in the central region. The south is the Pampa, which is a great flat plain covered in grass and good for building on.

Cultural Divisions

After the division of Old and New Brazil was defined, the people where, somewhat by accident, split into these groups. The division was mostly ‘cultural’ and based on slight ideological differences. Overtime, these two groups where expanded to five groups, with Middle Brazilian, Xinguist and Classic Brazilian all being added in later.

Peoples of Brazil
Name Population Summary Status
Classic Brazilians 2 The people who have been with Brazil since EMC Classic Stable
Old Brazilians 20 or more Anyone who was a resident of Brazil from its founding till Ketchoop’s Brazil Stable
Middle Brazilians 2 Residents of Brazil during Ketchoop’s Brazil Stable
Xinguist 20 or less Residents of Xingu Stable
New Brazilians 200+ Residents of Brazil who joined after the creation of the Brazilian Republic Increasing

The groups listed as ‘Stable’ are all at risk of declining as members become inactive or leave. However, though significantly rarer, the population can increase as previously gone members return. This increase seems to have occurred the most amongst the Old Brazilians.

Foreign relations

Brazil’s Foreign relations. Brazil is a member of the ITO, an alliance of American Nations; and a member of the International Defense Coalition.

To simplify relations, a number was put from -100 to +100 based on the data available at #Brazil Relations channel on the official discord. The foreign relations are done by "International Contacts", where the representants of both nations talk to each other. The Royal Assistant (at current government) is responsible for helping evaluating how friendly the nation has been acting with its words and acts in game.

The data below is considered public. The numbers are exemplificative and are not exact.

Name | Exemplificative number | Important events for the relations


(Nations which have official alliances, agreements or treaties with Brazil)

Unfriendly Nations: