Co-emperor contract of Toasterburnt

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The official document

The co-emperor contract of Toasterburnt was a contract signed between Katangese Emperor Brobbo41 and Toasterburnt that outlined the clauses to him becoming co-emperor on the 4th March 2021. It had 3 terms, titled 'Term', 'Duties' and 'Powers'.


Yoshigamer1298 would abdicate on the 2nd March 2021, making Brobbo41 the new Emperor. A day later, rcvq would leave Katanga, abandoning her position as well. As a result, Brobbo41 decided to pick a new co-Emperor, with him being friends with Toasterburnt. As a result, Brobbo41 would choose Toasterburnt to replace rcvq, presenting him a contract to ensure he does his job to a standard liked by Brobbo41.


1. Term

The term of this Contract shall commence on the start date of 4th March 2021.

2. Duties

The Company shall employ the ToasterBurnt as the "Co-Emperor". The Employee accepts employment with the Brobbo41 on the terms and conditions outlined in this Contract.

ToasterBurnt will help Brobbo41 lead the nation, make sure that all towns are happy in this nation, and to help anyone having trouble in the nation ToasterBurnt may share any concerns to Brobbo41 regarding such things like.

ToasterBurnt is also to assist shop owners of the Katanga spawn shops if needed .This may include selling plots or helping shop owners in getting their shop started and running.

3. Powers

There must be no abusing of the power of being Co-Emperor If there is any corruption, consequences will be put into place immediately. This may include the kicking of towns, mass un-allying or allying, stealing, griefing of nation spawn, putting a bad reputation towards the nation, etc...