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Detonage joined EarthMC before 1 August 2020. But it'll be long story if we add them so we simplified things. For the general info:

Detonage was joined in 1 August 2020. Joined Japan after he cannot escape africa(spawn) & moved to Austria in 24 August. Mostly he's now a Citizen in Austria but he leaves Austria & creates Leopoldstadt in 29 August 2020.

In office
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Profile Information
Aliases Deto (Formerly minemagix)
Nation Austria
Town Leopoldstadt
Towny Rank Mayor
Occupation Duke
Organization Leopoldish Confederation
Political Party None (Detonagist)
Clan None
Religion in-game: Christianity

Real Life: [REDACTED]

Spouse(s) I do not have Wife. (lul)
Discord Detonage#3391
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 1st: 1 November 2018

2nd: 1 August 2020

Place of Spawn 1st: Bulgaria

2nd: Central Africa

Physical Information
Nationality Minor Asian
Gender Male
Blood Type Unknown
Zodiac Pure Arian
Height more than 1,75
Weight more than 620 Newton or 62 kg
Status Information
Status Semi-Active
Server Role Normal Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
1 August 20 - 24 August 20: Japan[Kagoshima](Citizen)

24 August 2020 - 29 August 20:Austria[Vienna](Citizen) 29 August 20 - Now:Austria[Leopoldstadt](Duke & Mayor)


Before 1 August 2020

Before Terranova

his IGN was minemagix. Joined EarthMC in 2017. Become mayor of Bursa & Sultan of Ottoman Empire. After Ottoman Empire collapsed he leave. in 2018 he join back & found the town Negro Island(after change to Aegean Island due to being kinda offensive) with ohokayK. Tried to build the longest Building but uncompleted. Created the Nation of Turkey & Moved to Kayseri.

After Terranova

after he founded Rize(Formerly Trabzon) with Turgut1453 & ohokayK. After it's renamed to Rize & sold to Rum Sultanate. Moved to Milan & Joined to Kingdom of Italy. After he became Italian Prince & heir. After he lost it's account & join with new one but loses that aswell.

1 August 2020 & After

Joined EarthMC after buying Account From Mojang.

Japan Days (1 August 2020 - 24 August 2020)

He came back to EarthMC & tried to escape Africa but he realise someone chases him so he joined Japan,Kagoshima. Pretty much he done notting but mining gold & Writing Detonagist Manifesto(W.I.P). After meeting with Erwinning(Former king of Italy, Kaiser of Austria) invited him to come back. He Accepted & moved to Austria,Vienna.

Vienna Days (24 August 2020 - 29 August 2020)

he becomes a Citizen of Vienna & Austria in 24 August but then he left Vienna.

Leopoldstadt's Mayor (29 August 2020 - ...)

After he left Vienna. He created the Town Leopoldstadt. Also he became Duke.

Towns & Nations

Simply the Towns & Nations he's been (in chronological order 2017 to 2020):

  • Bursa (Mayor)
  • Ottoman Empire (Sultan/Ruler)
  • Aegean Islands[Kayseri](Mayor)
  • Nation of Turkey (President)
  • Trabzon[Rize] (Builder)
  • Trabzon[Rize] (Mayor)
  • Milan (Mayor)
  • Italy (Prince)
  • Kagoshima (Resident)
  • Japan (Citizen)
  • Vienna (Resident)
  • Austria (Citizen)
  • Leopoldstadt (Mayor)