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Crest of Lisboa.png
Coat of Arms

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Town Information
Full Name
Motto Muy Nobre e Sempre Leal Cidade de Lisboa
(English.jpg Very Noble and Always Loyal City of Lisbon)
Established May 5th, 2022
Nation Flag of Portugal.png Kingdom of Portugal
Population 7
Chunks 103
Continent Europe
Government Information
Mayor Artistgames.webp ArtistGames

(de facto Underrrr.png underrrr)

Political System
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Lisbon (Portuguese: Lisboa) is the official capital of the Kingdom of Portugal. Located in Western Europe, in the Iberian Peninsula, Lisbon was officially founded on May 5th, 2022 by BigshotWarrior. Despite Lisbon's undergoing constructions, it is always open to new portuguese residents.


The Beginning

The Lisbon Crisis

While a considerable amount of gold was being obtained for the formation of Lisbon, a group of players that would later found Norway, anticipated for a mere second and created the Portuguese capital. The Portuguese forces also ended up creating a city in the region (currently Leiria) and to the north in Porto. This was a shock to Portugal and therefore an understanding was reached where Portugal would give about 400g in exchange for the town along with the promise that they would not create a town in Portuguese territory again.

With a large part of the gold mined, it only took 2 days to collect the rest and so the deal went ahead.


Lisbon lies at an altitude 64 blocks above the bedrock level on the western region of the Iberian Peninsula, in Europe. The town is located in the desert biome.