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A list of Maintained Navies on EarthMC Terra Aurora.

Ships that are not complete, have been griefed, have been removed or are located in fallen towns should be removed from this list.

Nation names are done in alphabetical order, ship names are done in type/class order, unnamed ships are placed beneath named ships but still in type/class order. Auxiliary Warships are ordered below Submarines.

Ships in Meganations (nations made of multiple towny nations) are listed under the names of the towny nation they're located in, not the Meganation simply because it's easier to keep track of as individual nations. Meganation navies are, however, listed under the 'Known Megnation Navies' list for players that want to see what ships are apart of a given Meganation (ordered by alphabet.)

Before adding a new image, make sure the ship is on its side so minimal space is taken up (in windows there is an option to rotate the image when you right click it) and when you add it to the wiki page, go into the advanced options and set the image to centred and borderless.

Top 5 Largest Aurora Navies

  1. Madagascar - 44 Ships
  2. Japan - 18 Ships
  3. Indochina - 8 Ships
  4. Orissa & WA - 3 Ships

Meganation Navies

  • Australia - 6 Ships (Alice_Springs, Australia, WA)
  • East Africa Union - 1 Ship (Tanzania)
  • Egyptian Empire - 1 Ship (Egypt)
  • Japanese Union - 20 Ships (Ezo_republic, Japan)
  • Kingdom of Madagascar - 53 Ships (Madagascar)
  • North Sea Republic - 2 Ships (Ireland)

North America


Cascadia has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Unnamed Aircraft Carrier Nationless.png
N/A Light Aircraft Carrier Shelter_Cove

South America


Brazil has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Unnamed River Gunboat Brazil.png
N/A River Gunboat All_Pakka


Chile has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Unnamed Destroyer Chile.png
N/A Destroyer JuanFernandez



Aquitaine has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Le Saharien Aquitaine.png
Le Saharien Destroyer Marseille


Ireland has 2 ships
Ship Name Type Town
NSS McClucky Ireland.png
NSS McClucky Aircraft Carrier Sealand
Unnamed Monitor Ireland.png
N/A Monitor Ireland


Sapmi has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Arctic Ocean Sapmi.png
Arctic Ocean Scout Cruiser ArcticRepublic


Spain has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
L'ignorant Morocco.png
L'ignorant Destroyer Valencia



Ezo_republic has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Unnamed Destroyer Ezo Republic.png
N/A Destroyer Hokkaido


Indochina has 8 ships
Ship Name Type Town
HIMS Tortuga Indochina.png
HIMS Tortuga Light Aircraft Carrier Singapore_Navy
Unnamed Heavy Cruiser Indochina.png
N/A Heavy Cruiser Sebangau
HIMS Cuba Indochina.png
HIMS Cuba Light Cruiser Singapore_Navy
Cosmic Naval Indochina.png
Cosmic Naval Destroyer Cosmaville
HIMS Dominica Indochina.png
HIMS Dominica Destroyer Singapore_Navy
HIMS Jefferson Indochina.png
HIMS Jefferson Destroyer Singapore_Navy
USS Batting Indochina.png
USS Batting Destroyer Albany
USS Maxo Indochina.png
USS Maxo Gunboat Albany


Iran has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Unnamed River Gunboat Iran.png
N/A River Gunboat Mazandaran


Japan has 18 ships
Ship Name Type Town
Kaga Japan.png
Kaga Aircraft Carrier msl
Unnamed Aircraft Carrier 2 Japan.png
N/A Aircraft Carrier Musashi
Unnamed Aircraft carrier Japan.png
N/A Aircraft Carrier Sisuka
Yamato Japan.png
Yamato Battleship Nagato
Mutsu Japan.png
Mutsu Battleship Mutsu
Unnamed Battleship Japan.png
N/A Battleship Yamakaze
Mikasa Japan.png
Mikasa Pre-Dreadnought Battleship Mikasa
Unnamed Coastal Defense Ship Japan.png
N/A Coastal Defense Ship Shinano
Unnamed Destroyer 1 Japan.png
N/A Destroyer Amagi
Unnamed Destroyer 2 Japan.png
N/A Destroyer Kongou
Unnamed Destroyer 5 Japan.png
N/A Destroyer syoho
Unnamed Destroyer 3 Japan.png
N/A Destroyer Yamato
Unnamed Destroyer 4 Japan.png
N/A Destroyer Yamato
Unnamed Destroyer 6 Japan.png
N/A Destroyer zuiho
Unnamed Frigate Japan.png
N/A Frigate Akagi
Unnamed Frigate 2 Japan.png
N/A Frigate Shinano
Unnamed Frigate 3 Japan.png
N/A Frigate Sino
Unnamed Frigate 4 Japan.png
N/A Frigate Tsushima


Orissa has 3 ships
Ship Name Type Town
Unnamed Destroyer Leader Orissa.png
N/A Destroyer Leader Minada
Unnamed Destroyer Orissa.png
N/A Destroyer Minada
Unnamed Minelayer Orissa.png
N/A Minelayer Minada


R.O.C has 2 ships
Ship Name Type Town
Unnamed Aircraft Carrier ROC.png
N/A Aircraft Carrier Taitung
Unnamed Submarine ROC.png
N/A Submarine Taitung


Ryukyu has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Unnamed Destroyer Ryukyu.png
RS Raiden Destroyer Sanhoku


Turkey has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
L 400 Turkey.png
L 400 Aircraft Carrier Hatay



Egypt has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
HSM Ampman Egypt.png
HSM Ampman River Gunboat Benghazi


Madagascar has 53 ships
Ship Name Type Town
HMMS Formidable Madagascar.png
HMMS Formidable Light Aircraft Carrier Antananarivo
HMMS Implacable Madagascar.png
HMMS Implacable Light Aircraft Carrier Antananarivo
HMMS Indefatigable Fast Battleship Lilac_Coast
HMMS Indomitable Madagascar.png
HMMS Indomitable Fast Battleship Antananarivo
HMMS Thunderer Heavy Cruiser Antananarivo
HMMS Illustrious Anti-Air Cruiser Antananarivo
HMMS Audacious Anti-Air Cruiser Antananarivo
HMMS Courageous Madagascar.png
HMMS Magnificent Light Cruiser Antananarivo
HMMS Triumphant Madagascar.png
HMMS Triumphant Light Cruiser Vilamatsa
HMMS Glorious Light Anti-Air Cruiser Antananarivo
HMMS Lancer Madagascar.png
HMMS Lancer Destroyer Antananarivo
HMMS Lemur Madagascar.png
HMMS Lemur Destroyer Antananarivo
HMMS Leopard Madagascar.png
HMMS Leopard Destroyer Antananarivo
HMMS Lightning Madagascar.png
HMMS Lightning Destroyer Antananarivo
HMMS Musketeer Destroyer Lilac_Coast
HMMS Marksman Destroyer Lilac_Coast
HMMS Antananarivo Madagascar.png
HMMS Antananarivo Frigate Fort_Manda
HMMS Comoros Madagascar.png
HMMS Comoros Frigate Antananarivo
HMMS Fort Manda Madagascar.png
HMMS Fort Manda Frigate Fort_Manda
HMMS Lilac Coast Madagascar.png
HMMS Lilac Coast Frigate Fort_Manda
HMMS Mahabo Madagascar.png
HMMS Mahabo Frigate Antananarivo
HMMS New Toalangaro Madagascar.png
HMMS New Toalangaro Frigate Fort_Manda
HMMS Sainte-Sail Madagascar.png
HMMS Sainte-Sail Frigate Fort_Manda
HMMS Vilamatsa Madagascar.png
HMMS Vilamatsa Frigate Fort_Manda
HMMS Glacier Madagascar.png
HMMS Glacier Sloop New_Toalangaro
HMMS MTB-01 Madagascar.png
HMMS MTB-01 Motor Torpedo Boat Antananarivo
HMMS MTB-02 Madagascar.png
HMMS MTB-02 Motor Torpedo Boat Antananarivo
HMMS MTB-03 Madagascar.png
HMMS MTB-03 Motor Torpedo Boat Antananarivo
HMMS MTB-04 Madagascar.png
HMMS MTB-04 Motor Torpedo Boat Antananarivo
HMMS MTB-05 Madagascar.png
HMMS MTB-05 Motor Torpedo Boat Antananarivo
HMMS MTB-06 Madagascar.png
HMMS MTB-06 Motor Torpedo Boat Antananarivo
HMMS S-01 Submarine Sainte-Sail
HMMS S-02 Submarine Sainte-Sail
HMMS S-03 Submarine Sainte-Sail
HMMS S-04 Submarine Sainte-Sail
HMMS S-05 Madagascar.png
HMMS S-05 Submarine Mananjary
HMMS S-06 Madagascar.png
HMMS S-06 Submarine Mananjary
HMMS S-07 'Actaea' Madagascar.png
HMMS S-07 'Actaea' Submarine Fort_Manda
HMMS S-08 'Agaue' Madagascar.png
HMMS S-08 'Agaue' Submarine Fort_Manda
HMMS S-09 'Amatheia' Madagascar.png
HMMS S-09 'Amatheia' Submarine Fort_Manda
HMMS S-10 'Amphinome' Madagascar.png
HMMS S-10 'Amphinome' Submarine Fort_Manda
HMMS S-11 'Amphithoe' Madagascar.png
HMMS S-11 'Amphithoe' Submarine Fort_Manda
HMMS S-12 'Amphitrite' Madagascar.png
HMMS S-12 'Amphitrite' Submarine Fort_Manda
HMMS S-13 Submarine Antananarivo
HMMS S-14 Submarine Antananarivo
HMMS Betsiboka Madagascar.png
HMMS Betsiboka Seaplane Tender Antananarivo
HMMS Lilac Madagascar.png
HMMS Lilac Corvette Antananarivo
HMMS MS-01 Madagascar.png
HMMS MS-01 'Tropical' Minesweeper New_Toalangaro
HMMS MS-02 Madagascar.png
HMMS MS-02 Minesweeper Antananarivo
HMMS CS-01 'Opis' Madagascar.png
HMMS CS-01 'Opis' Submarine Chaser Fort_Manda
HMMS CS-02 'Oreithyia' Madagascar.png
HMMS CS-02 'Oreithyia' Submarine Chaser Fort_Manda
HMMS CS-03 Madagascar.png
HMMS CS-03 Submarine Chaser Antananarivo
HMMS TG-01 Madagascar.png
HMMS TG-01 Armed Tugboat Antananarivo


Tanzania has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Unnamed Patrol Boat Tanzania.png
N/A Patrol Boat MayoNays



Alice_Springs has 1 ship
Ship Name Type Town
Imperator Frigate Simpson


Australia has 2 ships
Ship Name Type Town
Unnamed Battleship WA.png
N/A Battleship JavaScript
Unnamed Corvette WA.png
N/A Corvette JavaScript


WA has 3 ships
Ship Name Type Town
Charles de Gaulle Australia.png
Charles de Gaulle Light Aircraft Carrier Mojo
Unnamed Destroyer WA.png
N/A Destroyer Freddo / JavaScript
Unnamed Gunboat WA.png
N/A Gunboat Freddo / JavaScript