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Preußen, formerly known as the German Empire is a nation in Europe based off the real-life Empire before WW1. The nation began under the wings of Prussia, based in Ost-Preussens, after the collapse of Nazi Germany, Prussia and the remnants of the Nazi Reich unified into the Kaiserreich under FrederickIII. Later it was renamed into German Empire. Today the German Empire remains with Germany controlling the German areas.



The German Empire was founded under the name of Nazi_Germany by Adolf_Hitlar on November 18th, 2018.

Anschluss of Nazi Germany

When Adolf_Hitlar was banned, Prussia seized the opportunity to take over his Epic_Berlin and eventually annexed all of Hitlar's failed Greater German Reich. Hitlar and most of Nazi Germany had to flee to another server known as WorldWarMC during FrederickIII's De-Nazification

The Holstein War

In March 2019, courage7000 made Kiel in Holstein. This annoyed Denmark so the two nations went to war. Instead of attacking one another they claim blocked and persuaded cities to join them. In the end, both nations signed the Treaty of Kiel. The Treaty made so they couldn't invite a city to their country as that can lead to war and both gained a few cities, however this was seen as a Danish win.

The Great Decline

During May 2019, after the EMC server was closed and re-opened several times, serious issues were growing up. The fall of the economy caused the German Empire to lose It's formal Kaiser and some inhabitants lost their claims, this led to a serious decline in player activity. But there was another problem, the increase in players, these new problems made the queue slower than ever and the German Empire's player activity was decreasing. Another fact was the decline in population, in fact ,the country lost 20% of It's population, mostly in Germania (Its' capital). A month later on the 10th of June 2019, this great problem ended with wthe entrance of new cities like Hamburg and with the building of a new infrastructure that connects all German cities: the U-Bahn.

The Creation of the Pact of Steel

On the 6th of June 2019, German Empire's Prinz AurelianCraft and the Duke of Italy signed a Pact of Steel to have a great and long alliance and a great military cooperation for the future years. It was signed at 18:08 UTC. But this Pact later fell due to this pact wasn't official and the King Erwinning never signed this pact.


During the last days of the Great Decline a new great city entered the nation: Hamburg. The works on the Grosse Halle started again after a long postponing and a new great underground infrastructure is taking shape: The U-Bahn. These changes led to a New Age for the nation, now the Empire is growing again. Days later Kaiser FrederickIII regained the Throne then he started to perform Kanzler elections.

German War

On the 10th of June 2019, the Kaiser FrederickIII declared war on Deutschland. This war was because of Deutschland refusing to join a united German Empire, instead demanding the German Empire bend to his wishes. After June this war became a Phony War because there were little attacks from each nation and a lot of peace offers were made, but none of them succeeded.

The Anschluss of Austria

Around the 19th of June, freddie01010 contacted Dr_Biochemist whether or not he could invite the town of Vienna into the German Empire, Dr_Biochemist agreed and thus Vienna became part of the German Empire. Days later, the town of Linz (previously under French control) joined the German Empire too. Later in the end of July, Innsbruck joined in. Austria became an existing nation as a German Empire’s subject state, later in August, after the fall of the second Holy Roman Empire when Franz I took successfully the throne.

The fall of Alt-Berlin

On the 24th July, 2019, during the afternoon of UTCthe time zone, the City of Alt-Berlin (Polish Kopanica) fell into ruins marking the end of a divided Berlin, since the fall of Nazi Germany ruled by Adolf Hitlar. During the last 3 weeks th,e Kingdom of Prussia fell and Old Berlin was quickly conquered by Poland, and they renamed it into Kopanica. Kaiser FrederickIII asked the mayor of the town, GeneralNoOne, to give it back, but He gave no answer, in the end th,e Kaiser had no choice but to declare war. There were small battles (1vs1) on german and polish territory but not decisive ones. Three weeks later Kopanica fell without a reason and Kaiser FrederickIII quickly claimed some territories (The Reichstag was re coquered). The wall splitting the cities of Germania and Polish Kopanica was also taken down on the same day, being torn down by FrederickIII, Awers97, and Chris82404.

The German Revolution

The German Revolution refers to the series of events from mid-July to the 2nd August, 2019. Where a group of Germans led by Biochemiker, megablocklyng, Gryzon_999, Traxshadow, Most_Creative_1, and Steve_theHunter was shocked by some actions done by the Kaiser, plus the factor of the empire issued the order for the military to stand down, which left several towns to be griefed by Deutschlanders, a small group of high-ranked Germans began forming the Holy Roman Empire to takeover Germany under the guise of "Reclaiming German land from a false Germany." The plan went really well and the nation of Burgundy was sold on the 2nd of August, 2019 and was re-organized into the Holy Roman Empire. JustNinja02 (Kanzler of the German Empire during this event) however left the revolution after being shown Discord logs between Biochemiker and AurelianCraft showing that Biochemiker started the revolution with the sole purpose of gaining power, not because he was angry at the Kaiser for his actions. Lustiqer participated in the revolution however he decided to stay in Deutschland, but later he rejoined the German Empire.

Death of Kaiser Frederick III

On the day of October 14th, 2019, Kaiser Frederick III (Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl) died (banned permanently) in St. Peters hospital in Germania after a long illness (inactivity). The nation has announced mourning from October 15th to October 19t,h when the Kronprinz Wilhelm, Fredericks' only son, was crowned to Kaiser of the German Empire.

Coronation of Kaiser AurelianCraft

On October 20th, 2019, after the funeral of Kaiser Frederick III, the Kronprinz Wilhelm at 4 PM UTC was crowned by Kanzler Chris82404 as the new Kaiser of the German Empire, Kaiser AurelianCraft. The coronation was held in the palace of the royal family in Berlin.

Rebellion against Kaiser AurelianCraft

FrederickIII got banned for using alts to capture many towns outside of the Empire. With FrederickIII being banned, the nation was from growing. AurelianCraft was able to claim the throne of the German_Empire, which the Kanzler Chris82404, in order to prevent a power vacuum, supported.

Most people within the Empire did not like AurelianCraft. In order to try to keep stability, Frederick's first born was coronated by Kanzler Chris82404. Things didn't look good for him from the beginning. He had to fight constant rebellions in several wars. After some time the Kaiser Aurelian and Kanzler Chris82404 managed to stabilize the situation. The Empire managed to retake the Rhineland, after negotiations between nationless towns in the region. Peace negotiations with Poland were attempted, but would break down, as they always would between Germany and Poland. There were still those in the Empire who were more loyal to Frederick III than AurelianCraft, whom remained to stay with what was left of FrederickIII's realm. When Frederick III came back after his long inactivity- having gone off to college around the same time of his ban- he stated the his son took the throne. AurelianCraft tried to calm things down and explained that he didn't get his father banned. FrederickIII was banned and after 42 days he didn't get deregistered as players usually would. AurelianCraft went to the mods asking why he didn't get mayor after 42 days of FrederickIII being banned. Mods asked him to give proof that FrederickIII used alts. AurelianCraft just told what he has been told by FrederickIII. He twisted things around so his son would look bad, instead oh himself.

With this, all remaining support for AurelianCraft fell away, with any semblence of support for him turning their backs against him.

Chris82404 abandoned AurelianCraft, and renounced his position as Kanzler. Chris82404 threw all his support behind Heinikin34. After the successful revolution against Kaiser AurelianCraft, Chris82404 would lose most of his will to play EarthMC. Despite keeping an honorary role within Heinikin's new government, Chris82404 would, for amost 7 months, not play a role in Germany's politics anymore, until coming back in Spetember of 2020.

Kanzler Elections

First Kanzler Elections (June 21st, 2019)

On the 21st of June 2019, Kaiser FrederickIII announced that he will start the first Kanzler elections. The campaign began on the 24th of June (3 days after the announcement), the candidates were three: GrandpaBear, Nick and JustNinja02. The candidates came with various ideas on how to improve the Empire. A day later on the 25th of June the voting started and in the afternoon of the same day, Kaiser FrederickIII announced the winner: GrandpaBear.

The Resignation of the First Kanzler

On the 7th July, 2019, the First Kanzler, GrandpaBear, Mayor of Stuttgart resigned from service and gave the position of Kanzler to JustNinja02, GrandpaBear later left the German Empire and the mayor of Stuttgart is now ButterLover0824.

Second Kanzler Elections (August 1st, 2019)

One week before, Kaiser FrederickIII announced on Discord that new elections will be held on August 1st, 2019, the candidates were: JustNinja02 (already Kanzler, he decided to take a second term), xWaazes_, Dr_Biochemist and Lucled. Every candidate wrote his own program as usual and on the day of the elections a voting panel was open and later that day Kaiser Frederick announced the elected kKnzler: JustNinja02 (Second Term).

The Resignation of Bismarck

On September 15th, 2019, Otto von Bismarck (IGN: JustNinja02), resigned from his duty after a 2 months and half as Kanzler. Before that day, Kaiser Frederick III started to get sick (inactive) and announced a government change in which the Kanzler will lead the Empire. Otto founds himself not ready to take such a task, so He asked the people to coronate the son of the Kaiser, AurelianCraft, but everyone refused and Otto, to avoid the great burden of ruling the entire Empire alone, resigned. The day after, Lucled was elected as third Kanzler of the Empire.

Third Kanzler Elections (September 15th, 2019)

Fourth Kanzler Elections (October 7th, 2019)

On the 6th of October 2019, Kronprinz AurelianCraft announced that the fourth Kanzler election would be held on October 7th. The candidates were: RichGrandpa, BlankHigh5Bro, Chris82404, JustNinja02, and Nick56730. Chris82404 won in a landslide victory, gaining 2.5 times more votes than the 2nd place candidate, BlankHigh5Bro. The next day on October 8th, Kronprinz AurelianCraft announced that Chris82404 was elected Kanzler of the German Empire. It would be the last Kanzler election held in the German_Empire, as AurelianCraft would made the position all but hereditary for Chris82404, in order to have him continue his efforts to prevent the Empire from completely collapsing.

Permanent Kanzler (July 25th, 2021)

On the 25th of July 2021, AurelianCraft announced to the people of the German Empire that the player by the name of Raaxu was going to be appointed permanent Kanzler of the German Empire.


Royal Family and Officials

  • Kaiser AurelianCraft
  • Kanzler Raaxu

Government informations

  • The German Empire is an Constitutional Monarchy represented by Emperor AurelianCraft. Although the German Empire has democratic elements, the Kaiser still retains his position as the ultimate authority as well as the overseer of government, bringing it down to only a semi-constitutional monarchy.
  • It has an elected Kanzler, frequent plebiscites and ministers appointed by the Kaiser on the Kanzler's advice.
  • The German Empire is divided into Kingdoms governed by Kings.


Flag Name Mayor Population Chunks
76px-Coat of arms of Berlin.svg.png
Neu Berlin aka Germania AurelianCraft 106 332(Largest)
Wappen Friedrichshafen.svg.png
Alaburg Nky278 1 103(second biggest)
Overall Overall towns: 8 Overall residents: 131 Overall chunks: uknown


The Architecture of towns in Germany is usually based off of in real life German Architecture. Germania, the capital of the Empire has the Reichstag, The Kaiserlische Palast (Imperial Palace), The Brandenburg gate, The Kaiser Square (Central Park), The Iron Cross Fountain (Central Park), The Berlin Shop. Now the Volks Halle is being demolished and soon a new and great Reichstag will rise on its ruins and the old one will be transformed into a museum. There are a lot of different houses and appartaments were a citizen can leave with extra space. For other exampsle of German Architectu,re there are other cities like Hannover and Potsdam.

Notable people

National newspapers and pop-culture

Hanover Times/Tagesschau

The Hanover times was a funny Newspaper that was run by Lucled and later megablocklyng.